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Default reply to Jayalakshmi

You don't have to keep totally Silent with respect to selling MSS books. All that I told you is to have some discrimination and talk about the books to only those whom you think are fit to hear these things rather than try to talk to everybody who walks into yr office.

Certainly any work requires that we do what is necessary on our part and then expect Mother to take over. You can prepare a glass display showcasing some 12 or 15 of Appa's and MSS main books that you think will be useful to the type of people who come to yr office such as Adrishtam, its English version Luck, Mental peace of the Industrialist, Honey Let us make money, Annai Darisanam, my book Inbajyothi ( Dindukkal center release), 50 lakhs and its English version 100000 dollars and some latest releases such as Engal kudumbam, and Spirituality and Prosperity etc. You can simply scan the front covers and put them in a glass display. Ambattur Center Balu can help you get such a display done for you for a charge.

If you are shy about talking about books to clients, a visible display in yr Office will tempt receptive people to ask what these books are and you can take a clue and start speaking about them. If you are intersted in such a display case, then pl talk to Ambattur Balu and get one ready to be installed in yr Office.

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