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Dear Admin,

Sincere thanks for posting the topic for webconference before few days.
Many thanks to Garry Sir for his Marvellous Speech on the topic of "Sri Aravindam & The Tradition".

There were profound examples,comparisons between the two.
Thanks for alloting ample lot of time for raising questions.
After hearing the speech of Garry Sir all my preparations on the above topic has already been clean swiped by him proving his Spectrum of Knowledge leaving a very few behind.Thanks for his Brilliant answers to all the questions posted during the question session.

Thanks to Mr.Chandrasekaran for his sharing of wondreful Experiences and points connected with this topic.
One more experience of mine i wish to share connected with this topic of Tradition.

As in his experience with his Boss compelling him to Come for Horse Race and life responding there as oppurtunity through the other person,before many years mother gifted us with a flat near my in laws place.As tradition dictates they did the pooja for placing the stone for Base Construction.My mind was bumping high and remembering all Appa's writings.there were lemons,kumkums and the so called Traditional arrangements.But suddenly since it is a Flat,when the builder announced that this stone is for F2 flat which is ours the labourer doing poojas was withdrawn and the new one was called,when i looked at the stone,in his hands Mother's Symbol ring was there.
The builder said he is following equanimity by giving importance to all his workers and Appa Blessed through this Labourer.When i asked who gave you this ring,he replied when i took a stone out from the bundle for placing for your flat,this ring was there with the sand in that stone.

I understood from there,for Mother's Force to Act there are no Hindrances or Tradition but for the Tradition clinging in our Mind.

Thanks for the Oppurtunity to Share in this forums.

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