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Smile Mother's grace

Many times we forget that words.. even ordinary ones are powerful!
The tution Sir's angry words were so powerful to make you or anyone in your place to get wild and lose control over one's inner peace.Any sound has its own vibration to affect the ouside atmosphere as well as the inner one.
Some music is so melodious and some are so loud and banging.It may be soothing to few and noise to others.Likewise mantras..each and every mantra is powerful and creates certain type of vibrations to give different results.The whole creation has come out of one OM..A powerful vibration from the Creator..from there has come all shabdam..all words all sounds and everything...So all the byproducts of OM are also very powerful and are inbuilt with the Divine Silence of The Mother..hence ultimately we are supposed to see the Silence behind every word and be with it and try to improve ourselves..our own reflections come in front of us to improve us when we are more and close to Mother. This is how Maa purifies us I feel.The words Mother ..Mother's Grace...Mother's Blessing..All are so powerful they can do wonders!!Your experience is really a wonderful experience and Mother has made you sense the Ananda by making you be silent by giving you the Mantra Mother's Grace thru' phone!!Lovely Blessings from The Mother thru' the Tution Teacher!!
Don't forget to thank him for all the Grace!!
Love to all.
Mother's Blessings.
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