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Lightbulb Looking Back!

My sincere Surrender to Mother and Appa before writing the post.
If we look the date of Posting the first thread of Forum guidelines it dates back to 08-01-2008.

We are playing many roles in our life.Employer,Employee,wife,husband,student,Buisen ess Personalities etc.
At one point in our flow of life we turn back,remember the past fruitful experiences and check whether we are in line.

Can all the Members here,first pointer is towards me can read the below points again,understand it in the right spirit and check whether we are in line with the guide lines?.This self check will bring about a change in the discussions and new topics which is like opening to the Force with added Sincerity.

Many would have had this habit or experience.whenever we buy a new product say electronics many will not have the habit of reading the instructions fully and use that instrument.

Can we apply the same essence and cross check ourselves whether we have understood the purpose of the forums correctly?

For example in the last speech on Life Divine the speaker was sharing the purpose of starting Life Divine Speech Presentations that Appa and Garry sir expects the attending devotees to first read the chapters thoroughly,scan all the Appa's articles related to the topic concerned and then if they attend the speech the questions raised will fulfill the purpose of the Speech.

can we apply the same to Forums too?

Another request is for example whenever i buy a new face wash or fairness cream i use that with utmost love and if i am the manufacturer i love to use that with that much sincerity.after a few days the attitude becomes dull and i mechanically use it.

Similarly can we check our interest and freshness towards starting thread and discussions in these forums which carries Appa's and Mother's Complete Grace?.

I request others comments and experiences as well.

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