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Default Webinar on Mind, Thinking & Creativity

The Mother's Service Society is organizing an online webinar on Mind, Thinking & Creativity on March 9, 2016 at 9:30 pm IST.

Our main speaker will be William Byers, a renowned Canadian mathematician, author of two insightful and highly readable books entitled Deep Thinking and Blind Spot. Byers has made important original contributions to our understanding of how the mind thinks, creativity, the process of formulating new conceptual paradigms, limits to rationality, the intrinsic uncertainty of all knowledge, the relative roles of ambiguity, logic and paradox in thinking, and artificial intelligence.

If you can follow lectures in English, you may register for the webinar here. The link to the online forum will be sent to you on the day of the webinar at least an hour before its commencement.

Feel free to invite your friends to register for the course and encourage them to attend. Share the event in social media. Get involved!

Thank you.
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