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Default Silent will

My sincerest Pranams to The Mother, Bhagavan and Shri Appa.
I had taken up Book Service on 29th October 2011. I approached one of the Mother devotee and told that I had taken up Book Service and asked whether he is interested to buy the books, he immediately said he did not have the habit of reading books. Few of my friends whom I checked with said they already had the book or wanted some other book. I could not sell even one book. I also remembered reading about the Book Service that devotees should buy book on their own and one should not tell about the same. Then I stopped telling anyone about the books. Two days before When I was praying to The Mother, it suddenly occurred to me that at least I should keep the Books in my office. Today one of my clients came to my office for consulting me on his issues, after taking the seat, he asked about my association with The Mother and Sri Aurobindo to which I narrated about The MSS and said how The Society contributes upliftment of mankind through spiritual means then showed the books (Mental peace for the Industrialists, Luck and Thozhilil Jeevan) then proceeded to advise on his business issues. When he was about to leave he told he wanted to take the books to which I said it was for sale for which he duly paid the costs.
Today afternoon, when I read one of the posts about Silent will enabled updating accounts of the Society I thought that am not capable of exercising such kind of silent will and also when I wanted to complaint about certain things I restrained myself from complaining thinking about the Silent will but in the evening the above incident occurred which left many questions on my mind?
1. Is the Book sales is an effect of Silent will?
2. Is it not my lesser interest towards the Book sales that made me keep quiet?
3. If it is an act of Silent Will Can I sell 1000 books purely by exercising silent will in the shortest period of time.
4. Is not necessary we do all things that are necessary to achieve the goals we set ourselves Does not practicing silent will instead of taking efforts shows our inertia.
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