Series XVII



851) Even to reach God, impatience has no sanction as it cannot thus reach God.

A AhĮ A\ Eux.

852) As long as suffering, betrayal and confusion are seen, it means we are the ego.

xߣ uu Ax APu .

853) The Spirit won the 2nd World War when there was no opposition to Germany anywhere.

GxĪu x \hU Tix Bz.

854) That which does not fully exploit is not ego.

Azu PmPux APu.

855) Crisis or opportunity brings out the impersonal human resourcefulness in an individual.

|UPi u uUS u Szv \x Gʮ.

856) To crush the enemy in life will make him take revenge upon you. In subtle life, not to do so will lead to ruin.

GvUS \P ux |PP. `m_ Gv AUPmh A | Azx k.

857) People who work for works sake continue to rise. Those who work for a promotion do not do so well.

UPP \u . UPP \ Bz ڲ UP \ u.

858) A stupid man when he listens to explanations of how wrong he has been all the time, sees the brilliancy of his own conceptions.

u A E Enx mkx h ua ]Ө.

859) Brahman is the Being of the Cosmos, Purusha is the Being of our world, and Ishwara is the Being of the Supramental life.

ESUS, |x ESUS, D \zv ¯ ESUS BzUP.

860) Maya is the cosmic world, Prakriti is the lower triplicity, Shakti is the Supramental world not yet born.

P, Qv |x EP, \Uv C UP CUS Pa _UP.

861) Physical sex is like the animal eating grass that is raw. Man eating cooked food is like men enjoying women for the sake of affection.

Eh »[S x. E |PP uUSx

862) No leak however small is permissible in any storage of any size.

]ԯ u \uUS F \.

863) We seek what is not there, forgetting what is not there is in what is there.

Cx Sv, Cux Sv. Cu CuuU Psx .

864) The supreme importance of the values that are skills at the end point is brought out in Churchill's life.

u P , uUSu ئzvU PmS.

865) The artistic embellishment of thought by extension is missed by the simple mind which sees only repetition.

GίUS CP Bڨ x.

866) Results in WORK demand a change in attitudes; yoga requires a change in our inner consciousness and substance.

ڮ . Sn , Eh P US.

867) The saturated acts of the subconscious pass for Mother's Grace.

B̢x {Ӣu ڮ \ku Aڰ AP | PsQ.

868) Shakespeare had impersonal or universal emotional knowledge of life.

AP En A.

869) A desire to give others what one does not yet possess is not only a folly and vanity but an indication of a higher mental development than physical.

֕ PkUP x ڮ h ͺuuU Pmk.

870) Aspiration is the being wanting what the mind understands to be good.

|u |UPh |ku Uv GQ.

871) People who are beheaded or even assassinated are physical people whose work was over.

u CǢu uP h. h Ph izuh CӢxkQx.

872) Understanding is in terms of one's personality. The understanding of a surrendered personality is direct knowledge.

|US x | | x Px. | Pu x bڮ.

873) Initiative is the spearhead of the organised energy of the Being.

\h u \Uv vmi Au ڨ "B".

874) What makes the pretty girl attractive is not so much her looks as her intense inner longing for that attraction.

APh ڮ U P.

875) Delicacy over indelicate realities of life is the characteristic of psychological weakness expressed as social behaviour.

UQ zu s USP \& h x v u[P u[P uU PuS.

876) Expectatoin means Time insists in our personality.

P | u zx PP Gv& x J.

877) In life, energies are dissipated or wrongly organised. To organise them rightly is higher consciousness

US ]ԯUS u J. J AUQ, Akzu BUP DkmiUQ.

878) The thinker gets all the information the scholar collects from outside from his own observation, mostly inside.

Ba]ͺ ΰ \P \u ]v E PsQ.

879) Ӣuu { Tx Pzx.

880) Pain is the joy of breaking out of ego.

APu Ax .

881) u G Bzx .

Misfortune comes to raise inner courage.

882) Desertion by the husband comes when you are ready to give up lower support.

uU Pk | u G | {ڨx »S.

883) Expectation brings the opposite results.

Gv Gvuz u.

884) Au x A\ Gʮ.

Haste shows lack of comprehension.

885) No small act will fail to indicate the measure of one's readiness.

Gu AUS A | HQ Gߣu Ga] P Pmik.

886) Absence of external support shows unwillingness of the being to accept the mental ideal.

EP Bu u ֨x EnUS A Hئhu Gڨ .

887) A weak vital accepting a higher ideal is lucky when support is absent.

Cm]vUS Buux Avh.

888) Cm] Cu xUP Bu CUS G GvUP ix.

Idealism cannot expect electoral support.

889) Thoughts comprehending more than what the vital can accept gives a feeling of hollowness in the feelings.

AUS A AvPP u & En HPz uP Cu x Av Bmh PkUS.

890) Time is abridged by the conscious part trying to advance.

Ps zu P _[S.

891) Tension is the result of trying to bring the strong and the weak together.

C GvP \UP hh Gʮ.

892) Subtle knowledge is given by suggestion.

`m_ _miU Pmhk.

893) The man who takes a bath off and on cannot be physically sensitive.

SUPuUS Eh _nUPx.

894) To know that you are enjoying taste of Ignorance is a negative awakening of the soul.

Agbzv ] AݣUQ Gߣu Bߩ ȨUS uQ Gڨ .

895) We have problems because we do not exhaust our possibilities.

a]ڰUQx G iuu iUP Gڨ .

896) Eu Buzu Ph] US AݣUS ڨ P. Au E G Ax P h mhx.

Exploitation is extortion. To mistake it to be one's right is mean maliciousness.

897) The collective more readily adores organised darkness than light.

EP Jh C ¸ HS.

898) The incapacity to appreciate the success of the dishonest is the sufficiency of the partial.

AUQh Bߩ sk.

899) Greater physical exertion is called for for the greater vital strength to emerge.

Eͮ E Eh AvPP EUP sk.

900) As work will not admit a flaw, the success of Truth will not permit the touch of Falsehood in any form.

Cm]zu v Gڻ.


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