Series XVII



701) The world employs organisation but is not conscious of it.

EP uzu Aԯx Ԩ hQx.

702) Obstacles are opportunities. Opportunities are obstacles.

"wx |֮ Ӻ u ".

EP ux \u, i uhx.

703) Thinking itself should shift from the surface to the subliminal as a first step.

]u x BzvS x u A].

704) Subliminal thinks in SILENCE, may be subliminal silence.

Bzv ڮ کP ]vUS.

705) The Timeless Absolute surrendering its static stillness creates the Cosmos and Universe in Time. To restore its lost unity it brings the Timeless and Time to co-exist and thus gets its Unity in Multiplicity. To reach that Grand Status we resort to Surrender.

Av Azx ]i Gx \nPv Gߣu | \nPv |kQ.

706) Silence of any level can give all the knowledge of the previous level in essence, not in detail.

ڮ { bzua \P AUPx. £ A uu ڮ.

707) Higher SILENCE, even when it is unconscious, is most effective. When the Force works, it becomes conscious.

uگԯmh Eu Av \Uv ux. Force A \Uv |iPa \mh Au ڮ uگԲ.

uگx uox.

Self-awareness is effectivity.

708) Inner Self-Awareness is the FORMULA for effective accomplishment.

u APzv Ax

vڨ zv \.

Inner Self-Awareness is evolutionary completeness.

709) Silent Subliminal Awareness is Inner Self-Awareness.

کPz u Bzv Ax AP zu A zv \uS.

710) Avh sk AkzuUS Ax sk GU P.

Luck to be real, becomes real in the other.

711) Avh sk, GvUS Ax sk GU PmP sk.

When your heart seeks luck even for your enemy, great good luck enters your life permanently in utter perfection.

712) The physical movements, even negative hostile ones, will remain long after the mind has realised.

ڮ ]zv Eh Gu A¾ Pmkkzux.

713) To be evaluted as irrational by the common man is an index of one's rationality.

J Gߣx Ah AhUSa \.

714) Yoga begins when the physical acts are moved from the higher perception.

APzv E En zv \ A\x P B.

715) The Self moving the self is yoga.

B̩ڮ zv \kx P.

716) Life events moving without the gap of expectation, mind acting without ego's imitation, the body awaiting the touch of the soul is the Timeless expressing in Time.

Chί \, Gvu ڮ, Bz A\ Eh zu GvUS {.

717) ֢x, ia\̢u APu A\.

For the ego to give way, the roots in the thinking mind, the knot in the subtle heart should give way.

ia_ \.

718) PzuU Phu . P, Phux \ux A .

The Rishi is in the Timeless. The sadhak lives where Timelessness and Time meet.

P, Phux \x P.

719) Life is selfish. Tapas is selfless.Yoga is Self-giving.

_|x . u _|x. P \nz- vSx.

720) Real power is the psychological power in the society.

_ \Pzv \vu \u.

721) Faith in action prevents the physical mind from doubting.

|UPu ڮ |u mk {US.

722) x zu x.

Others confidence makes for emotional living.

723) The subliminal knowing the emotions of others and able to trust them is the life of yogic emotions.

Ӻ zu | AԢx |x P En.

724) Authority is acquiescence in atrocities.

Amlȯzu ڮ Hأx AvP.

725) Divine Life begins when the Divine is interesting.

u Cۨx uP .

726) Unconsciousness stands in the way of emotions accepting ideas.

uگԯuUS Gsn ux.

727) Surrender is not for the person who is unconscious.

u US \nPv uگԯuUS C.

728) Neglect, frustration, etc. are milder versions of subconscious hostility.

Ga\, Am] Ӣx A_ Sn[P.

729) Men rise to the next higher level of success by an essential defect in the existing plane.

Ezv SӰ E P ix.

730) { Ex } mh Ex S.

Saturation of a level enables rising to another level.

731) SĮ, {Į E EuĮ.

One rises either by saturation or by essential defect.

732) Shankara's Maya turns out to be Maya for Integral yoga.

n P \[Ph uzu GQx.

733) What is baffling to one attitude is explict for another attitude.

J |UQ vx |UQ uP CUS.

734) An acute problem generates thinking and a solution in thought to all but himself.

Jh wu a] AUS A w-& UPx.

735) United vitality yields total protection of the physical.

En Jԯ ͨ xP.

736) Totality for the Individual is the accomplishment of his own collective either through his leadership or at his expense.

_| vPx u Px | BS.

_| ] |.

737) The collective achieves disregarding the needs of the individual.

| u x _| Ȱ {Px.

738) Yoga does not begin till one reaches perfection at least in one area.

n P.

739) Man is essentially touched when Selflessness is born out of selfishness.

_| |S x _ S.

740) Man's view is narrow; his own accomplishments are a tiny speck.

]ԯx, Pa ]ԯx.

741) The greatest potentials of the society lie outside its centre.

\Pzv GvP Auh.

742) uۨmhUS Esk, .

The Individual is an animal. His relationship with another generates life for him.


743) Life exists in relationship.

E u »[Qx uUS.

744) Life becomes a problem to create growth potentials.

͵ a]گQx.

745) Excess energy unutilised for progress turns into problems.

͵ zu .

746) Tragedies are tragic landmarks of progress.

A\u ֮ u u P.

747) The individual becomes the collective by relationship or thought. The yogi does so by thinking about the relationship.

E ]v E FUS.

748) Relating to another's life through his soul is harmonious. To reach his soul through his life meets with disharmony.

Pzv _P nUS.

749) The measure of one's accomplishments is decided by the extent of his physical response.

|h |n Cm]zv \u {nUS.

750) Bzv {uک sUPP EU Pk.

Calm steadiness in danger comes on one who values behaviour more than his life.


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