Series XVII



651) CǢuUS n.

How long one was patient does not matter. Once he lost it, he lost all the benefits he worked for.

652) Destruction of a weak man is a common pastime for lower humanity. They long to destroy a very strong man through a flaw in his personality. No joy excels it for humanity. When they fail, they adore him.

Hu AȨx Bڢu Bmh. UP J ] S AUP EP Ps zxU PzvUS. Auh u AݣUS \. AUP imh ֮.

653) The inner being recognising the Not-Self as its origin and its abiding link with that is gratitude.

BshگԢu A Aߤ An Enx |ԯu.

654) To know the right thing for one who looks for it is easy, the really easiest thing. Whether he will choose to act on it, is another question.

\ iz ukUS Ax Gv QhUS. Hأx .

655) The subordinate's desire to order affairs in his organisation, if permitted, will reveal the conditions prior to the evolving of that organisation.

Chi {P |hu, {P Hأk Cu {US uڮ .

656) Gratitude is God thrilling in the human body. The excellent desire to do a good turn in return is to debase divine gratitude to social thanksgiving.

v \x |ԯu B߫Pzu Dk \uS.

657) Discipline needed for work becomes deference to the Person of the boss.

J[S, Pmkk, uUS uP mh.

658) AUQUS Aux u EP Ah |uz uiU PskiUS.

The world does take pains to discover any good or capacity in a bad man when he acquires a status.

659) Any problem has a simple solution at any time for one who has commanding power and comprehensive wisdom.

AĮ, AvP EUSz wu a]- .

660) Divine Love is a sensation of Sachchidananda or the Spirit. It must be distinguished from the vital sensation or emotional feeling of the human being.

Aߦ G | Eh Ena]U TQ. Ax Bz Ena].

661) The physical mind delights in skills; the mental mind rests in knowledge; the Spirit in mind experiences Self-giving.

v |kx h ڮ. zv bzuz ukQx. zv \zv Anzv vUQ.

v bکQ AnQx.

662) Any thought leads to further thoughts. It is directly against consecration. A thought needs to be consecrated at its appearance.

Gsn ͸, uhx ͸. Gsn Gʢuh \n \h sk.

\n ]u ¯US.

663) Grace that tries to restore knowledge to Ignorance has to pretend that ignorance is Knowledge. It has to work through the knowledge that is already there.

Agbzu bکP Hأx A.

664) Thought developing emotion is a higher evolution of thought than its rising into Silence.

Gsn Enx کuha ]Ӣux.

ڕ, Ena] Gsnzv n [P.

665) Commanding power is comprehensive wisdom. Should they combine they exceed the plane of mind.

AvP Azux. Azu AvP Aئux.

Aߤ AvP Aئu AhUP.

666) Work without consecration is like a lorry without an engine.

\nPu C Cu z ux S.

667) To be Mother-centred is a conception sweet in its gratitude.

A |԰ C En i.

668) Americans have the knack of getting into a larger rhythm because the scope between their subconscious equipment and conscious possibility is large and the vastness of the country indicates it.

E Bz x. |mi x Gߣu, sh P[P Cv \vUP.

669) The basis of the larger rhythm of the Americans is there in India for Spirituality, for totality as well as largeness.

AUPP Gu uP \u CvP Gu PĮ, uPĮ \U Tk.

670) The solider is one in whom the spirit of the body is energised by the spirit of the vital.

En Eh Bߩ x õ w.

671) Standard Operating Procedures, especially in the army, is a token act consummate in its skill and perfection.

\ \Pz v Bߩ BЮ v.

672) ڮ Q̢x \ siu A x \ G {ڨx Es.

To expect the understanding will move the emotions to action is unrealism.

A iux En |hUS.

673) Initiative of the great is interference for the small.

USU Ph, ]ԯUSU Pk.

674) One who believes in his capacity for prayer has NO faith. He must know he has no capacity even to surrender.

| \nzu |x A |uPx.

675) Self-awareness is to know the one thing one needs to know -- The Mother in our being.

uگu Gߣx u E A Ax.

676) Delay is denial.

uu uUS Av.

677) In all the trio Brahman, Maya, etc. the male principle is of the Spirit, the female is of Matter.

Bs BߩUS, s hzvS E.

678) 寮 iu \u . \u u 寮 i Gߣx Au AUSz ux.

Anyone can be happy when the problem is solved. How many know that based on faith or knowledge, if joy wells up, the problem will be solved.

679) As the fish in the water enjoys its existence, unaware of the world outside, man delights in Ignorance.

} βPԯux , u Aԯ vUQ.

680) The great soul in small circumstances and the small being in a vast environment are great instruments, one directly, the other by transformation.

]ԯUSz vĸӮ x.

681) The male principle of the Spirit releases the energy for creation, the female principle of Matter conserves.

BUP \Uv BsUS, Au v sUS E.

Duality is creative medium.

Bq sq Bߩ zvS.

682) Person higher than the post e.g. worker either by skill, qualification, class or caste is incapable of reliability in work.

v, i, v, u h EuUS ڮ vx.

683) GOOD WILL will achieve when everything fails.

EP u֮, |sn ux.

684) In the absence of punctuality, co-ordination, or discipline, it takes ages to accomplish a few days work.

v\US J |, uUPnmiUS J P.

685) Competition giving way to cooperation will give rise to the individuality of Impersonality.

mi JzxǨ, u _ & \u _ & Aڢu SnzuS.

686) Her Name excels all the known methods and future methods to be devised.

Eu, EP C u Cu Phux Aڰ v|.

687) MOTHER is the mantra of the Marvel.

zvS v A.

688) Losing our will, we move into the inner mind. Becoming Her own, we are in the subliminal with the psychic.

| CǨx u. Aڰ Px P.

689) Prosperity is enjoying More and More.

_uvP Aݣ¨x _m\.

690) Prosperity Movement.

Ask for more, ask of yourself.

u Pu, PأP ¸.

P, QhUS.


691) Knowledge arises by the desire to know. Prosperity is generated by man wanting more.

ͩP ¸, ͮ EأzvS.

692) The booming prosperity of the nation begins when man seeks more comforts and services, not by mere productivity.

\vP AݣUP Bzu, |mi ͮ S.

693) The extraordinary chaos of the human mind, its cocksureness, its capacity to foolishly destroy are seen in their best light when an intricate, complex issue insoluble by the best expertise arises. Great is the FOLLY that is enjoying its Ignorance.

QUS, wUP u\zvS ihu a] Gʮx, Aݣu, Auh uh, Azuu BP Aizx _uU Pmh, hUS Q, u _zu _zu B̢x ]US [S Ax u .

h u Q {h Q̢x ֮.

694) Not to speak is silent will. Not to think is mental Silence.

\u P |hUS. {UPu ڮ ]zvUS.

695) The increasing Knowledge is anxious to reinforce the existing Ignorance.

͸ bڮ v Agbzu kzx.

696) Those who seek the security of marriage have no right to romance.

vn ukUS Pu.

BzUQ Pu.

697) The non-professional's professional excellence in managing professional affairs is one Key in the spiritual possibilities.

J u uu Azuz vP {P \v BzS `m_ Ex.

698) The vital man aspiring to be mental, has his finest emotion tyrannically crushed. Still, if the aspiration is alive, a mental spark is born.

En A Eu CUP sk.

699) Even to arrive at an opinion of any value in a professional issue one needs to be fully informed professionally. A layman arriving at a professionally valid opinion is a misnomer. The public are in that position with respect to any issue of any profession.

Aݣ umh Chzv A vӮha \-- hx.

Intelligence is no substitute for experience.

700) The person on the tongue may not be there on the mind. The person who is not on the mind, may fully occupy the whole of the depth of mind.

E zvUPx. zvux, B̩zu BUzxU PЮ.


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