Series XVII



451) uڨ qx _|. uڨ qx |.

Self-seeking is selfish. The Absolute Brahman seeking Itself in creation is the aim of creation.

452) ]ԯx ]ԯu uUS.

To the small man, petty issues are paramount.

453) Darcy's true inner chased Elizabeth's social outer life.

\zv m] AP \Pzv zu |kx h] ڮ G\zu Hأx.

h] vn APzv { zv u { |kx.


         Ӯ APx Avhx.

         Ӯ , AP P.

         zu EmPsh AP ڮ.

         The outer is Becoming; the true inner is Being of the Becoming.

Man chooses between life and Marvel.

455) { |.

Deep feeling is the HOUR.

456) ڮ u |kx uzx.

Avhzu |kx y \n.

Yoga is Life in Purity of goodness.

457) x UP ڮ sk.

]ԯx u |i ]x |x uP CUP sk.

x ]ԯx Ex.

The great is the inverted SMALL.

458) |US | x mhx.

PzuU Phu |, | Gߣx.

The HOUR is beyond Time.

459) Selfishness seeks Selflessness for its own growth through death.

_| |zu ¸ |i uگzx ͸.

460) Organised selfishness is offensively abominable.

_| x x \.

461) Selfishness prides in self-appreciation in self-rightousness.

u | u ¯x ֮ uhx _|.

462) Comparison is insufficiency.

Eͮ P ESh u Jzvmk US.

463) Foolish pleasantness ends up in prophecy through ridicule.

h C G |Pkx u\کS.

464) A\ AvPx \zx.

465) mh Gsn Pmh Gsnzuhz uh.

Low consciousness is more difficult to overcome than wrong consciousness.

Pmhx u, mh \ x.

466) To acknowledge one's defects or to apologise for one's wrongs, one should be above the normal level.

S Hأx, ۨ Pmx Bz.

S Ax x.

467) \nPv imhh APu uUS Bu QhzuuP {US.

Ego will appropriate even surrender.

468) { Gߣx {ڨ.

My status is fixed by what I think of myself.

469) i hu \n ihu zu.

Consecration that has not withdrawn our faith in our capacity is infructuous and renders our prayer vain.

i kx \n.

470) What really stands in the way of consecration or spiritual benefit is the faculty of considering folly an asset. It is taste of Ignorance.

ڮ h Q̢x H֨ x \nzvSz uh.

Adoration of FOLLY is an all-pervasive endowment.

471) The urge to do or speak becomes irresistible when the unwanted is anxious to appear as Life Response.

寮 G Gʢu \, \ E P& mh, Life Response&BP A .

472) Any wise man can reach any height of accomplishment, if only he can bring himself to practise what he believes.

uu \ PDz Ph.

473) What social change conferred impersonally on the Bennets, Lizzy received personally for her own.

x E _| \PP G\z h]hx .

474) Cm] Am] Am\n P ͺx, \z u A\zu HأuS.

Sat absorbing Asat into it is an ideal life expanding in the next generation into one of dissipation.

475) ] u x Es Es. ]UP Gʢu x Es \Uv ux.

Truth, in times of stress, is truth. Truth that survives the hour of tangle is powerful Truth.

476) The being functions by the motive of its swabhava which emerges as impulses at all points. Surrender matures when it is given up.

h |UP _zv ExuPP ΨkQx. Ax \n \mh \nPv zvS.

\nPv _zv zvS.

The physical impulse completes surrender.

477) The urge is there in Time. In Timelessness the urge for action is suspended. While in simultaneous Time, one is in urgeless quiet endowed with the capacity for action in the urge.

\ PzvSx. Av PzuU Phux. Av v \zv USQx.

478) All initiatives issue from Shakti. Our initiative interferes with God's.

zv zv A.

479) The man who is below the work on hand cannot approve or criticise the work as he is a non-entity with respect to the work.

xUP xP »UPh siP.


480) Imprudent generosity is ill-conceived execution of unformed thoughts.

Aݣ u \ Azux BUS.

481) Santa Claus is real to children as the intensities are real to the vital man.

\h Q SǢuP x |u Ena]\mh u h|UPP HQ.

482) AvP Aߣ GS. Ax EP BЮ \UvUS Pso hu AihS.

Power maturing into Love is the same process of strength of profundity becoming the elegance of simplicity. It is the invisible basis of the world movement that is Sthanu.

483) The human mind projects the actualities of the present into the possibilities of the future. Talking about universal education during the days of the palm leaf, the human mind thinks of millions of palm groves!

GvPzu Cx Pxx Aԯ.

484) The ignorance that refuses to learn from past knowledge is wilful folly.

Aԯ US Aԯ Aԯ ]Ӣux.

485) Astrology that is precise has no basis in consciousness. Modern science is poor in conception compared with astrology.

gbzuh Eu zvS Aih.

486) Opinions have no place in doing a work. What emanates as opinions must be factual rules of practical life. Others have no place there.

USx £, AUSu.

487) Pain or loss awakens unconsciousness into consciousness. Conscious awakening is knowledge emerging out of Ignorance.

\nuh A.

Pain is the knowledge of the insensitive.

488) If one expects to be popular by helping others, let him know that his popularity is because of his capacity to help, not his actual help. If he has the capacity and refuses to help, the popularity will be real and great.

| Eu¯ x, Eu \ Auzu . Eumh {a\ .

489) Perversity is unpleasant humour.

A |Pa_ SuUPS.

490) The mind discovering simple knowledge of the vital after long experience is the process of personal knowledge becoming impersonal, universal.

J AԢuu EP uP Ax En کP ͺuS.

Individualisation is reversed as impersonalisation which is universalisation.

491) Impersonalisation and individualisation are reverse processes.

z z z zx ]i nuS.

492) Selflessness takes us to Timelessness. Self-giving takes us to the Simultaneous Time.

Ӻ | o u Aox _| {h Eux.

493) Vanity is the expansiveness of the ego. Generosity is the expansiveness of the psychic.

Bz , APu . ͸ Bߩ PzvS-- ě Bߩ.

494) Genius is tapas expressing in life in one person. Developing the psychic is to create genius in the Many.

u ߩ . \zv EQ uP Eأzv \ {.

495) Gene and chromosomes condition life and body. The Psychic deconditions and makes evolution possible.

_ P. \zv Bߩ ں ߩ. Aڢu Sn A uUS.

496) Psychic values transform life into Divine Life.

\zv \mh soS.

497) The psychic being can act in the subtle plane, even after death.

`m_zv \zv \ku A \ E u ݮ uh.

498) We concede self-multiplying knowledge. We find it difficult to concede self-multiplying money.

A u Sx n u S.

499) The body sins. The sins of the body are transformed into virtues of the soul by the psychic.

EhUSx. Eh \u \zv \u EPzv AȲ.

G \Q Gߣx UQ. \Q Gߣx UQ.

500) Analogy arises out of heavenly wisdom in earth's life.

C AԣUS Bz bzu UP Eunzu UP i.


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