Series XVII



201) Inability that is unwillingness becomes ability when the mental emerges from the vital or the psychic from the mind.

Gߣu i GQ. EnUS A u, AUS Bz Ȩأmh iux i.

iux ix Ȩ.

202) Decisions of progress are made in crises. Inner crisis is a moment when one knows the subliminal pressing the surface.

|UPi Gkx i. AP zua \vx |UPi. B̩zu ڮ Ax AP zua \vx. Ax |UPi.

|UPi AUS |.

203) The negative role of any institution such as Stock Exchange can be curbed based on the realistic heights to which the stocks can soar, on the analogy of the waiter being prevented from supplying drink to a customer.

`x, Si, CP KUS vn Eh EnU Pmkkzxx \mhzu Pmk-& kzu.

204) Martin Gilbert with his extraordinary talents for impressive historical writing has written three volumes of scurrilous scandal and won world acclaim.

A Phu EsUS v A Phu _.

205) The right in the wrong revealing itself makes wisdom Spiritual knowledge.

u \ G En [S Pzu b ]zv& US.

206) As there is no Silence till memory vanishes, there is no spiritual realisation until Silence settles down.

{ ڪ. Gu Bzݣ zv BUQx.

{ & ڮ & ]zv.

207) No human guru is of any avail in this yoga means all knowledge is Self-knowledge.

u Px uµ ߣhx Gߣx u SUS Ch GU TӨkQx.

Bz bڮ \u bڮ.

208) The Cold War was fought in the vital of humankind. It was a war of mental violence against physical violence represented by USA and USSR.

Pk AUP GvUP zv Pk ߣkzvu 40 Bsk EP v iUPmiux.

PkU Pk ix.

209) A coin, a word, a journey or any act of the society compresses in itself the entire power of the society hitherto developed. He who knows it, knows all the future in it. The word 'Sri Aurobindo' thus contains all the future of the universe.

Gu \, Gua \ Phuu EmPshx , A¢u G \ g\zv GvPzuz um Pshx. A֮, G֮ C E.

210) Perfection in aspect such as personal integrity in an imperfect society necessitates imperfection in another important area.

Sӯ \P Khzv { ui, Akzu Ch SӯS.

211) Bribe will not deter merely physical people. It may induce them to rob you further.

g\ Ah[PĮ K u sk. ui nzvS Ah[Px.

212) Internet is the universal currency of mind.

Internet Gߣx zv g\n.

213) iUPux C G, [Puu, iuu C.

There are things we do not like. If it is not there, there is nothing that is not comprehensible or impossible.

214) Freedom grows by control. Control thrives in freedom.

CxĮ Ax; AxĮ Cx.

215) The thought that is provoked is no thought of value. A thought of value flowers without the tension of provocation.

{ ]vUP {u \. ^ԯ ]u zv u ]US.

^x ^ԯ ]uگPx.

216) Form seeks perfection, force equilibrium, thought conception. Supramental Truth seeks the Perfection of the Whole in the Parts.

|kx ]Ө. \Uv ukx {uzv P. Gsn zu |kQx. \zv ¯ ]Ө Sv ukQx.

Sv Bڢu.

217) It is easier not to set out to earn money, than to give it up after earning.

nzu \vUP UP. \vzu h ix.

\vzx ֨x nzv CP쯮.

Earning without attachment is the secret of money power.

218) To become wealthy is an achievement in Force, not in accomplishment. To outgrow money is essential for accomplishment.

n \vUP \vUP ix. nzv x h \u Ex.

ڮ nzu \vzx, Phx A].

219) Knowledge of a plane acquired in a prolonged period is acquired at the next plane at once.

Eh K Bsi ֮ Aݣzu ڮ Eh x.

P nP { Ex sk.

220) Instantaneous miraculousness is seen when we shift inside from outside. Moving to the next plane and shifting inside are the same.

APzu |i P nS. Ӯ APx, Eh کx, P nuS.

221) Shaw, Russell, and Einstein refused to condemn USSR, as the wrong side of the RIGHT side should not be condemned.

| Sz u GkzxU T.

222) Ӻ u GkzxU T֮ uԼx »P ix.

Complaint is subconscious awareness of one's own defect.

223) The arguments of the ego will not avail when a work is to be accomplised.

\zv, \x zv \.

224) mPhuUS 寮 ix. mPh iu \u, mP .

Shameless man will accomplish what one will be ashamed of.

mP \vzu mPh siu »US. mP US mP \u.

225) Affection born or received by a character of physical indulgence ennobles the person and remains pure affection.

Momentary purity purifies ages of impurity.

A][P, B\ nzv bzu uk.

226) Work creates money that is physical. Trust creates vital money that facilitates progress. Comprehension creates mental money that has a tendency to multiply. Faith goes with infinite money.

EǨ, Fv u. |UP Cu nzu Gʨ. A ͸ nzu ͺUS. Bz |UP Aڢu n.

n گh EuĮ.

227) Gix \vUP sk Gߣuh Gi \uP CUP sk Gߣx |x.

Man wants to be successful somehow. Instead, he can try to be happy at all costs.

\zvzuh Eu \u.

228) Attention is silent praise.

Pڮ ک mk.

229) Aݣzv ֮ bڮ P. APzv ֮ Aݣ bڮ Bz Ax.

Wisdom is from life experience. Jnana is from inner spiritual experience.

230) Charm is the energy of Ignorance, ignorance of the other side of personality. When the other side is seen as positive, charm changes into ecstasy.

Aԯ Avh Pa]. Aԯ bک Pa] S.

231) Organisation is the enlightenment of the will to be more effective in action by coordinating its various acts by greater knowledge.

A \ UP u u A EuS.

232) Charm is the intensity of the energy of expansive good will.

|snzv n _ En Pa]S.

Pa] کa].

233) This theory is the SKILL of creation.

A¢u G uzx ]i uzx.

234) The stupid man becomes most efficient when he learns something. His efficiency issues from his stupidity.

h Pu n UP mh. h A v.

235) As biological functions lie in wait, selfishness is always ready to act without notice.

_| Eh En \hz uP Ex.

236) The intransigent defiance of politicians of every decent behaviour makes people learn of the basic provisions of law.

UP \mhzuԯ A]vP AP \Qں.

237) Tyranny and torture are the doorways by which the human Spirit leaves the physical imprisonment to rise to mind.

Ehx zvS Pk, ]zu.

238) To show selfishness that its aims will be better achieved by selflessness is civilisation. To show that self-giving better replaces selflessness is spirituality.

| _|zu AvPP zv \ Gߣx |PP. An | Gߣx B߫P.

239) Ӣu { zv.

v, Ӻ {.

Forgetting makes another remember.

{ģkzxx |x v.

240) mP Pmh uP i?

To be a human being, one should have some sense of shame.

Shameless man is no man.

mP J uUS.

241) S.

Passion will be impatient.

242) mh umh JmiU PЮ.

The low gravitates to the high.

243) Chku Pkzxh ix. Pku \x.

Nothing can be given as we choose.

244) G u Ӻ uh hmhP.

One cannot touch another his inner personality.

245) |ua \ E |UQ.

No one has the right to tell another what is right.

246) ӨUS .

Assertion pushes the abdomen in the front.

247) PmP \U Thx. Pmh \x .

Advice is out of place.

Better refuse it even when sought for.

248) | F _֮. | Au {v GQ.

Unpardonable laziness is understood as relaxation.

249) |u u Aԯ.

Man gravitates away from the GOOD.

250) uڨ USx u.

Charity is self-adoration.


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