Series XVII



151) Power is to be conscious of one's being.

u Enx Au \Uv.

152) Learning the process of creation in The Life Divine, observing its application in life, knowing it inwardly are intellectuality moving to intuition through insight.

x ]i CPzu AԢx, Ax ΨkuU Psk, | Au Psx A `m_P bڮ uS.

153) The greatest achievements of later life are determined by the smallest changes in values in early life.

\uP {nx ]v HS sP. ]v ]֩uP v \uPS.

154) The character of an act is determined by the plane in which it is originated and is executed.

\ Bx Gx, |hzxx Gx Gߣx \ Snzu {nUS.

155) To insist on Selflessness is subtle selfishness.

| mk UQ Gߣx `m_ _|.

|zu |k s _|.

156) G \ sk G G uuP Pmx, G \U Thx G PmuS. | zuU Thx Gߣu ڮ HP imh CiU PmS.

At a dead end, a well-informed man asks, what am I to do? As he is unable to be not what he is, he speaks thus.

Eu { G \ GU PmS.

157) Solving problems is a way of life for you to know who you are and what you are.

a]z wvx | , G[S G Aԯ.

a] u.

158) Mind responds only to be infinitely more beneficial. The vital and body absorb slowly.

u. ڲ xP HS.

A Phu u A Phu h A& kzxx Cm].

The Infinite through the infinitesimal.

159) Science is aiming to know more to be more effective in life. Organisation is to do infinitely better.

u v EP |kQx.

B h[S G vuS A].

160) We are free to learn by any instrument from the physical to Spiritual. Surrender is the instrument to learn spiritually. Intellect is mind's instrument. Surrender gives in a trice what intellect teaches in centuries.

A Bsi ux \nPv Au | u.

\nPv Bsk AĮ bڕS.

161) When a social resource like commerce arises everyone avails of it. Superstition is such a vast resource. The faithful flock receives negative benefit out of it as superstitions cure. The mean and malicious exploit the society.

h|UP \ \ x. Au ߣkzv C ֣ AvP.

h|UP h |UP. h|UP h U P֮.

162) Gv |sPĮ, uPĮ HP E J \US, \u.

The hostiles effectively use relationships to enter your life. We love them and are ruined.


163) When two people who share their feelings often find a lot of residual prejudices have collected, it is no wonder two who live apart are ruled only by prejudices. Even here, the third dimension can serve as a medium of closer intimacy.

S x u \x C. \vUP CUSx u mk Bm] \. A[S { Gx uUS E AUS, Ax |mSa ]Өz u.

{ , S {S.

164) The higher the goal, the less is the response to the aiming of it.

Cm]zuh Au |hUThx. Cm]zu |i& h ix.

Ӣu Cm]zvS Qsk.

v zvx Cm].

165) Achievements arise out of a sense of deficiency. Great achievements are creative.

S { \u \u. g\uP Bz hP

u \u.

Bz ]i Au ]i.

166) What is scarce is not water, money or protection from pollution, but awareness and attention, in short, consciousness.

g\ uspUP, nzvP, xPP. Ȩ, Pڮ g\. Bsh۸u AuS g\.

167) He who solves his smallest problem by conscious consecration is fit for yogic surrender.

u Pa ]ԯ a] Ȩ \n wUS& , A \nPvUS.

]ԯv uU Psh x ]ԯuS.

168) Pڮ a].

Attention creates problem.

169) Love is the solvent of our miseries.

Pu Azu.

170) I am not the World, I am HE.

| Gߣx EP,

A |.

Ax EP.

EP A | Gߣx bڮ.

171) Values are powers of consciousness.

s ¯ \Uv.

172) To expect strength in one area to protect from another type of attack is superstition.

h \ k Gߣx h |UP.

Superstition is a perversion of a true great faith that Spirit moves Matter.

173) _zuU Phx, | Phu, \zv G. A Pԯ. mk AU& Sx. Pu Ahx. Aئu AUS Pm].

In your unorganised personality, go beyond yourself to the psychic. He knows no grief. Romance is his. His is unfailing success and the marvel.

Aئu, Pu, Au[Pzv A.

174) When man is able to recollect his whole past quickly, his psychic is ready to emerge.

Phux Pzv PP \u \zv ES.

175) To feel the freedom in an intimate relationship that enjoys in whatever the other person does, is the freedom needed by yoga.

Akzu kv \u娣kx P.

Ӻ u \u P.

P Ӻ .

176) One who has all the conscious power to accomplish a great work lets slip one intemperate word when he is not ready subconsciously.

\vx BǮ, v uĮ C.

177) Having learnt that things should happen by themselves, man sets about arranging for that to happen.

uP |hUP siz u Hأk \x u.

178) Man will not voluntarily get out of Ignorance.

u Aԯ mhP u ix.

179) The light in the bodies of Indians can be reached by the Force of Sri Aurobindo when that Force is presented in terms of values of Indian life.

Cv Eh E J A¢u uh Ax AP ]ӨP sk.

180) The sincerity of a man who can be insincere on occasions is insincerity, not sincerity evolving into its own.

nPu s sPx.

181) If no one is to be provoked, one loses the right to react himself.

G ڕ shU Thx G | ڮ Gu shU Thx.

shu ڮ skzux.

182) No book written in the West about USSR or Asia can ever be read with any sense of reliability. They are utterly unreliable.

, B] |mh Gx zuP[P AyP. AS EsUS Gu \u.

183) The scandals of tale-bearers all over the world and the prejudicial version of any historian are of the same inspiration.

u[Pͨ Բ, u[P |kPͨ Բ EsU T֮ \zv B]P ʨ U T\ TQP.

184) Folly, stupidity, falsehood and prejudice cannot change their original true nature just because they shift to high social positions.

Gu Eu ChzvS h, hP& US, x, Au ix.

185) u Aݣ , zv x. Aux Eu, Snzv u x.

Age gives experience, not intelligence; status is incapable of changing the quality of jealousy.

186) Westerners are as objective about USSR as the communist government was true in its propaganda.

Es Es Gv \ ix. Es Gv AUS Akzuh CUS.

187) The revolt against colonialism began in the American Civil War and ended in the II World War. Fall of USSR completed that emancipation.

EP HPvzvzvx ku Hأmh mhzv B AUP ku .

188) Western civilisation has not yet evolved its thought basis either as a theory or even as an ideal. No philosophy of life other than the communism and socialism of Marx has found mental expression yet.

EP |PP GsnP EP. P mk EP Cm]P Gʢux. Ax B߫Pzv zvS.

Spiritual Communism.

189) | \ CUP \ xh Ӻ mhP _uz ukzu, Ax \ Gڨk.

The word that evokes fine words from others and prevent mean comments from others is the WORD.

C x, Pkz ukx \US Cm\n.

190) Akzu APP _i | T֮ \ Azu Ehx.

That word which evokes the finest word from another is the right word.

191) Capacity for words that will prevent bad words from others is to have the subtle knowledge of talking.

ӵ uP \ iu | \a \x Ah.

192) To know what is to be avoided in a conversation is more important than to know what it is to be spoken.

Gu \UThx Gx, Gu \ Gߣuh UQ.

193) Aik AUS P _x .

Vanity expresses itself vainly and destroys life utterly.

A uk .

Vain vanity vainly destroys life.

194) Man who delights in vanity is called upon to dissolve his ego and destroy his pride.

APu, Pzu AUP si u kQ.

P sk.

195) Insurance can be insured by providing for certain assets of the company to be set apart.

C C \.

196)        Spiritual awakening in the physical substance gives the same security as Insurance. Insurance insured by some assets of the insuring company set aside as inaccessible to bankruptcy.

Eh Ȩx C P C \x S.

197) Falsehood, caught on the wrong foot, hastens to adopt Truth with resourceful insincerity, renders Truth false and successfully accuses Truth.

G vh PPP , |izx, mkUPz vhUSv Q.

(The Russians are more sincere - The Mother).

198) The justice behind injustice cannot be dealt with in terms of moral or social justice. It must be dealt with on its own terms.

A{zv Av { A{P . Au |Ԣu {zvS Emkzu ix.

Bsh A{ G zv x g\.

199) Corruption is the result of money's self-multiplication through the values of the present.

n uz u ͺUP \Pzv Cӯ { ߣkzxu g\ ͺQx.

200) Morals of a society are the means of social growth that effectively express excess energy. Immoral values too serve the same purpose of growth.

\P {P, A{P ͵x.


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