Series XVII



51) ڮ EPĮ \ ӯPĪx \. ڮ uPĮ \ ӯPĪu {US .

A proper act of low consciousness gets the result for the consciousness. A proper act and high consciousness are proper.


52) When professional rivalry is replaced by professional individuality, egoism changes into impersonal creativity.

Gv Gv ]Ө, Akzu AP A G APu Aڢu SnS.

Gv Hzv ]Ө.

53) The details of higher consciousness fully given to one is training. That is not the higher consciousness. If the trainee can receive the Spirit of the higher consciousness or can be given that, he gets it in full potential.

Gί uUS Eu £ x uu, Au UQzu En x Eu zuP .

£ 寕 ¯zu Ezx Ehڲ Ezx.

54) Thoughtlessness destroys. Assertive thoughtlessness is cruelty expressing enjoyment in destruction.

\گ \ AUS. AuS P u A Pk Bڢuk.

Ax A.

h P A Pk.

55) Unawareness of the need of reply to the one who offered something of use to you, is the height of selfishness that is unaware of the other's existence.

U PkzuUS v uk G Aԯux _|zv _.

Oblivious Selfishness.

56) When the society is ripe for a change, the greatest instrument is the higher side of gossip, called word of mouth.

\P m]USz uڤ AuS P , uv Eu E.

Ȩ m].

Revolution of world of mouth.

57) Surrender is a movement of joy. Strain in surrender is due to the presence of ego.

\nPv \u \. ] umh APuuP .

58) Fields of crime, dissipation, vulgarity, obscenity are fields of thicker intimacy.

SӮ, `x, A][P, B\ E Ch[P |UP ͸ Ch[P.

|UP CPzvSx.

59) It is a superstition that what is high and noble should be difficult to under- stand.

Eux x G h|UP |USsk.

60) If you are looking for the Infinite, it is there everywhere, small and big. Infinity reveals to him who seeks it.

G[S Ex, Gv CUQx. ]ԯx x GԾ Ex. uk PsqUS k. uk . uh .

bڮ nzu کx n.

61) uk PsqUS kx .

Brahman never fails to reveal to the Brahman that seeks.

uk zvS k Kk .

62) It is an axiom of teaching that anything can be taught to anyone when the teacher knows the subject in the fashion that is intelligible to the taught.

Pm AUPأ \US , Gu GUS G PؤUP.

x Bz Cnx.

63) Anything can be understood if the aspiration is tuned to what it is.

J Aԯ Au uUP B u.


64) x PmS kx.

The capacity of the senses to sense is comprehension.

kx bڮ.

65) Teaching consists of Facts - Process - Strategy - Skills - Results. Facts are presented, Process is shown, Strategy is disclosed, Skills are trained and then results issue.

Pؤzu: [PU T, UQ, USzuU Pszx, v zu, u .

Facts - Process - Strategy - Skills - Results.


Ԣu 寮 v ֮.

66) Difficulty in comprehension is distance in Consciousness.

\uux x.

Gߣx uh Gڨk.

67) kx, kx.

Without an element of pride, a man will not be able to do a thing.

, \.

, .

Action is pride in action.

68) Romance is the eternal of the ephemeral.

}USȰ Aȯ sn Pu.

Love is the eternal emerging out of the Infinite.

Aڢu Bv Anx Aߦ.

69) Pain is the Ignorance of emotions and sensations.

En Aԯ .

70) A Azu u nP En sk G EP Aԯx.

The world knows not how totally intellectuality is a bar to Knowledge.

A bzvS Gv.

71) An Impossible mental task is to make a fool realise he is one.

Jx h A En US v zvQ.

h uگԯux.

72) One who is unaware of the genius in him will respond like a fool when pointed out.

u u »\zu Aԯuh Au GkzxU T h _.

u, hݮ uگԯxsk.

73) To overcome the society in favour of God is the Knowledge of God. It is the greatest gift of society.

EP Azu | Phx \ u Gߣx bڮ.

74) Human fulfilment lies in knowing God needs him, seeks him, loves him and he is indispensable to God. And he sees God in the woman.

CUS u u, u |i C Q, u߫x Aߦ \zxQ, u CUS C& u Gߣx uUS { u. C u so PsQ.

75) Pu }izx ͺx sk, Ax Bz BP CUP sk. E xiP Cu }iUPx. ڮ HuP Cu }iUPx.

Vital love withers. Mental love is sentimental and grows insipid. Only the love of the psychic is lasting, intense and grows in richness forever.

Bz Pu Bsh Pu.

76) "Mother, no one has any use for my emotions. I have not been able to give them to you all these days. In its turbidity it refuses to go to you when I offer it.

u Cu Bsh |UQ ?

77) What England failed to do to prevent the 2nd World War, USA did to prevent the Third World War. Gorbachev did the next thing to destroy the roots of totalitarianism. It now thrives in the mentality of the West.

Csh ukUP C[Qx \uu z ukUP AUPĮ, AUP P- Į \uں. | Aua \u | EQ Ea]US .

78) Bshz uk u u Bsh uh sk G ¸Q.

Man who seeks God wishes God to seek him, to chase after him.

79) Do positively your best when you know the best scheme of world affairs.

A¢uzu P AԢx, Cu | AvPm\ iuu (positive-BP) |iP \u, Ax x.

A¢uzv AvPm\ iux Avh.

80) One major decision requires one full life to receive its full experience as essence. Moving to Spirit from Life, one is free to abridge it into a few years by intuition or a decade or two by thinking. Turning to surrender, it is done instantaneously.

J i ʨ J ߩS. Cx BߩUS u bzu Au ] Bsk& PP A 10, 20 BskPP SUP. \nPv Eh \vUS.

81) s s ۨx ڮ. A{ s uu.

Brahman flowering in the Becoming mud will be sweet like the woman. The woman will taste like nectar.

82) A low mean person can uphold one lofty ideal especially when it comes to him from the previous generations.

Cm] uڮ, Au Cm]zu CUP, G [P \Pzu Į, Auhz u̢x CUP i.

83) Growth of population is the exercise of the Will of the body, the physical.

EhUSa _uv x ͺx UP uP AvPx. ڮ ͺu zuP ͵x.

Population is the freedom of the Physical Will.

84) The Knowledge that our wishes about others will come true in our lives is positive subtle knowledge.

ԯ | Gsn[P | US Gߣx `m_ bڮ.

{ڨ US.

85) Death in the gross plane is life in the subtle plane and immortality in the causal plane.

EQ n Gߣx `m_ EQ . Pn Pzv Ax Azx.

86) Need of the circumstances makes value power. Value by itself cannot become power.

\Pzv u uSvz vUS. uSvUSz u vS uSv.

87) Pioneering greatness after its initial success can organise so that it may be possible for successive generations to rise to greatness.

Bz u P uڨ UP Hأk \ i.

88) Wherever man cannot be caught he is false. And by believing it in all other places, man gives life to falsehood.

\u G Qhzu u \z ux . Ai A T֮ |u A& US E PkUQ. mk \ Ӻ |u G | Q.

89) The field of commerce demands greater truth as the product is constantly put to severe examination by the customer permitting little scope for falsehood.

\US P si Chzv ӨuS \u PU SP Cu A[S Es AvP uk& Qx.

UP Chu Es Ӳ.

90) What man individually longs for he declares unacceptable collectively. He ends up aspiring for what he publicly denounces. That is how the individual grows into the collectivity.

ڮ u FUPP u Gߣ u. u »UQ A ڮ AuPP H[S. F HS Pzvx u۩u \PS u.

Man grows into the collective giving up what he longs for till the collective too accepts it.

FUPP Es mkU Pkzx F Es HS Pzvx u \PQ.

91) Man who has worked to death will not be able to give even a tittle of money for generations. When he gives up outgrowing money, he gives it up in toto.

Eh Ezx \vzu J \Į u ix. uUS Ax ix. ڮ nzuU Phu, Phu | Azu u Ӣx xӨ.

Eh nzu Ek izx EUS.

92) Pn P Px u u\ڮ. P {uP -& x ڮ.

Generosity of the miser even on one occasion is the vision of God. His so changing forever is Brahman in Time.

P Ӯ Phuv uӮ.

93) PuUS A, \. Pu G | | AȲ. |u Eh CUP ix.

Romance never dies. It is incapable of death or decay. Nor can it diminish in intensity. If anything, romance grows in charm with the passing years. What dies is what we pretend to be Romance, not romance.

Ax Pu. uӮ.

94) Aȯux Gߣu AuSU Pu G .

Because it is imperishable and eternal it is called Romance.

Au Pu.

95) To see the Overmental infinitesimal in our life and express the psychic there is the beginning of yoga.

'xa\' xiUShzuU Psk, \zv A[S Ψkzxx P.

96) Man the Individual is the Overmental infinitesimal of humanity.

uP 'xa\' u SzvS u.

u U u xa\.

97) \zv _ |US \zv .

Truth speaking, the Individual is the Supramental Being for us.

98) The understanding man tries to give is NOT to anyone else. It is only to himself.

ESUS } A¨u EUP A¨uS.

You are your world.

99) AȯU Pu Azx mhuP EP AUS | PuUS Azx x mhx.

The moment the world is proud that it has destroyed Romance is the sacred moment it is born in one and all.

A Ezv Pu | EP E |.

100) The two wars witnessed inhumanity, barbaric behaviour culminating in the extermination of the Jews. In 2000 there were numerous apologies. Apparently the wars were fought for humanity to overcome its inhumanity.

ڮ \ x. \ x Gu. ]zu \ u kuz usi Csk EP |hu. Cݮ x usi . Au Bz Eh USu Phx .

Pk PPU PhU Phx sk.


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