Series XII


351) The unfaithful couple who willingly forgive each other settle down to a quiet life, not sweet love.


n - n x.


352) Aߦ \zu B\-m-k, \z-x u--u- |h m-kz-u-- P-k. Au Gv E-n-u |h u--u-US Ax ux P-k A--S, x-P



P-k-- A En Pͨ - s-k.


As rudeness is lack of culture, tyranny is lack of means of expression of intense love.


353) Love felt in the depths is capable of evoking corresponding love in the other, in the course of which a sudden transformation of bitterness into sweetness takes place.


Bz-uz um-h P-k A--S.


Tyranny is intensity of love ill delivered.


354) There are those who have an intense need to betray, commit a crime, be false, even as those who need to eat, shout and play. In a world where no one recognises their need, they fall in love with those who recognise their needs and offer themselves as a medium of expression. Such expression of love reaches the heights of intensity.

G- H-P-uu H----h G- -- -Ψ--k.


- -Ψ-h i--h-ux i-h s-k.


355) --h- -Ψ--kzu iu m-h- Sn[-P

H-u-- ----v -Ψ--kz-x-Q-. Au

-Ψ--k A-US -n _u-v- u-Q-x. P,

P- BQ- A--i-mh -Ψ--k-P. |-P--P

-u Ch[-P- -Ψ--k.


C-a-\-- C--P ----u- -Q-.


Intense emotion incapable of thinking, physical heroism fallen into rigidity and the low physical invite such outbursts.


356) SǢu - _-Q-x. a_ -u- E--Q-. F \z-u -k-Q-. |-P--P--u -h- P-k A

-Ψ--kz-uz u-u B {.


Tyrants are beginners in psychological culture.


Those who offend for the joy of it are adepts in primitive possessions with prickly endowments.


Not to respond to his offence is Spiritual culture.


Cultural offence is a baby passing motion on us.


357) Precision in technology is the primitive becoming a genius.


T |-P--Pz-v A P.


Psychological precision is the finished raw material for the spiritual revolution.


Psychological precision seen in vital intuition is a\ Pmh, green

wood taking fire.


358) The venom of the cobra and B-P- are the right fields to develop the spiritual insight into the emerging light hidden in them.


]- B-P-zu Em-P i-x.


Not an overmental god, but a Supramental Avatar alone can swallow and transform B-P-, the poison of creation.


359) Thought prevents knowledge is the simplest spiritual truth.


]-u b-z uh.


\z-v- z-v B-.


Die to the mind, awake in the psychic.


360) Risk that exhausts its potential without exceeding its limit will meet with the richest reward.


E-u- P-kz-u E-Pzx \- .


P-k--uS A-sk.


361) A---u--US i 10, 20 -z-v A- u-Q-x.

B- Ȩ---u--US 20, 30 -z-v -P Ȩ-z u-Q-x.


A-U-S i, Bߩ Ȩ-S -P.



         Gu- Eh- u--x A.

         Eh- Eh- s-k.

         Eh UP Ex Az-x Ah[P s-k.


E-U Phu En Eh Bm-Ps-h- A- AǨ-x - AǨ. AuS Eh Esk.


363) v-- Sn- \-x u.


364) All-inclusive concentration is difficult to achieve inside. When expressed, it disappears. To achieve it inside and maintain it outside is to go beyond Nirvikalpa Samadhi when even branding cannot restore sensation.


{h Bs-h- - |h.


The whole earth is in a kind of all-inclusive concentration, which is the unconscious state of Matter. Man needs it consciously at the Supramental level.

365) Romantic attraction soon palls. Organised strong cruelty puts up its attractive brilliance from the other side. Its sweetness lingers even after the other side is perceived.


P-u- Pa] Pz-xU P-.

A- va] B-P-zu A--P AU-S.


Pa] Pu -ݮ va] --.


366) Ps-x ]-, Ps-h- k--x -u A--ux.


367) A Phx -u Az-u--- Ck \sh

Az-u--- zx \-.


A--¨-x --z-u -z-u-u, v--



v- w--U-S.


368) Is man willing to make the choices today in the light of future results when they are disclosed today?


Man is irrationally insistent.


Pk, Eh Pk, G-z-u- Pk, GUS m-k P-k.

Wrong choice and total loss is man's choice, not right choice and long enjoyment.


369) -u-US \ \-x -.

-z-v - A u-x u-.


\ Gߣx \--u---u---h Cm-]-.


370) \

" s-k---, Gx s-k---, E--uP

C-u Gkz-xU P- " G G-- x- GkUP i-x.


\U-S- J " \ \ i-x " G-u


\ - G-u Enz-uu \--.


371) \ \-u- _m-kU P-z-uu |-, -u-.

\-- -u- Az-u- \ \.


372) Is there any physical, vital experience that the mind cannot understand and abridge? The Supermind can so abridge evolution.


A- v- A-x A-.


373) P-zu B̢x ]zx A--¨---UP P-.



u -- ¸----US P--. Akz-u--US

A- -U P-n- E--.


]--UP P-.


374) Great men write mostly for themselves, sometimes for others.


Gzx ]-u-U-S Gkz-xa \-.


375) -v-- -ݮ --P-US ----h | --kUP ¸- Es-k.

-v u- h Eu --.


The part after becoming the whole wishes the recognition of other parts that it is a whole.


376) Formula of the universe may not win the Prize. Winning of freedom without armed struggle too may not win it. Savitri can go unnoticed as well as Auroville.


E-P Eu-^-ڮ \--. Ex E-x u-x.


377) To know Her makes the Prize beside the point. Is it conceivable?

Her Touch enables one to confer the Priceless Prize on anyone.


죺-\ E-P P-kUP i-u -_.


378) What we learn we love to experience and repeat that experience ad infinitum. Can we experience getting away from the experience of repetition? It is the taste of Ignorance.


Man needing the taste of Knowledge is evolution.


Every time He drops a pregnant phrase, He extends us an Invitation.


379) ڮ & surface being & G-x | --z-u- Phx , -g-\z-u- Em-Ps-hx.

| --x P- P- -P.


The surface being of man is the Surface of the Being.


380) The call from below can be partial or from a shallow depth. The call of the total being comes from the very depths beyond which it strays into Being.


Azx -ݮ Bz-v--x AǨ-u AǨ.


381) When overwhelmed, strong men fight. Yogis should find the offending reaction or depression and consecrate it, a feat of yoga.


\Pz-vS --P- \--n \-x P \-u.


382) One need not court contacts in low culture. Life gives enough you need. Know them enough to get over it, appreciate it from their point of view, receive it from your point of view of need for transformation, and move away. Try nothing on them.


A|-P--P u s AvP |-P--P---x.


Miners do a service to the earth in digging and smelting the oar into metal. There is no greater service to us than what crudeness offers.


383) Looking at falsehood, weakness, evil, ignorance, pain, tyranny, noise, finite rigidity, impurity, division, we can know the progress we need. That centre which knows all these is the psychic centre.


B- u---- Au | v----Ӯ u-h[-S.

| u-, i- s-k.

v- , v-P vi Esk.


384) Status goes with money but what really is enjoyable is not so much money as status. When Mother gives anything, what is enjoyable is Mother, not the thing that carries Mother.


C A, A-z u[Q -.


Even the physical enjoyment She gives shows that.


385) Great achievements need great energies. There is no YOGA without overflowing spiritual energies. It is not meant for one who lacks even vital energy.


A Phu u A---u-P -Q- -Pz-u {U-P-.


\U-v- \-u---.


386) Spiritual energy is of a higher denomination. Any amount of physical vital energies will shrink into a few drops of spiritual energy.


10,000 HU-P {z-v J cheque Ah[-S.


- U-P ]ԯ - Ah[-S.


387) Truth is God's substance.

A truthful Brahmin is a God on earth.


\z-v-- --n |h--k u-.


388) Instantaneous miraculousness issues from the shift from the outer to the inner.


-Ӯ AP-- P n--S.


389) Maintaining values, culture or work, compels one to break with the present functioning at many or all points. All such points are LIVE, live with infinity.


i- | P {Ӣu |.


390) Concentrate behind the heart, consecrate and surrender are His two behests, which are the occult secrets of the subtle plane of the Future.


|g-_U-S { \---n \-x P n---u-S.


391) When the mind and heart meet in the soul, the spiritual Sun emerges behind the heart.


Cu-- - B-- Cn--x B߫P `--u-.


392) The wealth of energy of a nation lies in the freedom of the children, women, workers and the lowly.


\- G--x uz-u-m-h- \Uv.


393) The silence in all parts of the being is a sine qua non for a deep call.


AǨ- A-v-- A-v.


394) Calling reverses the consciousness making the process of transformation possible.


AǨ -z u-R -֮.


395) We speak of marriage breaking down. Socially it is true. Psychologically that institution is never born. What is not yet born psychologically breaks down socially.


Sk- -֨ \P Gkz-xU P--u Akzu { Au-Q-.

The institution of marriage has no psychological sanction.


396) He who recognises the need of evil to be evil, recognises the Love behind that evil.


P-k- B- A--P-U P-q.


Ps--u HP P-n- P- Ph- E--x -Ψ-h s-k.


397) Once organisation is dead it becomes dark, evil and poisonous.


-nz-v-S Eh --S.


398) Each sea is full. No ocean can feed another sea or lake. Each is self-contained, does not permit intrusion. Souls need no help from outside, nor do they allow help to disturb their status.


Bz- Bz- v-v--h-x.

Akz-u- u- A--vU-Px.


Souls are Self-contained centres of Spiritual energy.


399) The physical insists on learning itself. It resists external teaching. Each soul has come to learn on its own, not from others.


Bz- u -u Bz----.


400) Souls do not permit others to intrude, but when they choose to invite such intrusion, what opens is infinity.


AU-P-u- AǨ-x A-\ u- -u-u-P -.


Soul's desire to participate with other souls is spiritual evolution.



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