Series XII


151) Pmh Ah[Q Pmk .

| \Sڮ.


֨ ¸ ڮ [P .

Rain will pour down if the inner truant changes or is crushed.


152) UQ 寮 Ӣx Qx, {US G, Av AUP Gڨ .


{¾u {u\ڮ.


153) ]u k Aȯ Gsn EأzvSh Eh Av { sk.

Gsn Eh A\.

The restlessness of the physical being should be saturated with peace.


154) Pi uzv Pj \P h P AhUP sP sk.

AhUP Aߦ.

| AhUP A A A z ux vsh \S.

vsh \ vv AhUP.

Pride is poverty.

155) I AߤSu.

Pu En An.

I zv |UP.

zu Pu Gʨ ix.

Pu Pu mk AԲ.

Pu Pu mk Pnx.


Love is incapable of suspicion.


156) ڮ Azu US PmS.

ڮ Azx |Pu .

Inner call moves seats of power.


157) Ezu Pi EP Qx. viz wsh Dz EP |P i vnQx. Ax A\Į Aڸ u.

AhUP Bzuz umh Azx A AhUP S.

His grace is awaited for the world to move towards Him.


158) _ u "\nPv'.

\nPv C u C.

_ \nPvx P.

The evolving Soul takes the poise of surrender as if it is its nature.


159) He who acts in any plane can seek the results only in that plane. Any redressal is in the plane of action, not anywhere else.

\ Kh, h.

\u Chzv .

\ \u Chzv.


160) The return of Evil to Good is announced by evil entering one's life. Often it is through marriage.

vn vĸz v.

161) Work is what one does inwardly.



zvSx u.


162) Self-absorption is as great a joy as Self-discovery.

Pskix Bڢu; Pn x Bڢu.

x x n u Bڢu.


163) Another man's achievement generates no inner energy of expansiveness.

Ӻ \u USx.

\u \u _P u.


164) | Pzu uP _ PmhP mk, mhPĪ.

Pmh mh |x PmhuS.

In the mouth of an evil low person, good becomes bad.


165) The maximum understanding or health is determined by intelligence and health, not information and food. So, the maximum yogic benefit is NOT determined by practice but by consecration.

{nx \n, vک.


166) Expanded selfishness is not selflessness.

Self dissolving gives rise to selflessness.


|zu _|P Ax bڮ.


167) A man is his problems and opportunities combined. He rarely knows it. Knowing them and consecrating them, he makes yogic progress in life.


a]PЮ \ux u. A A. Ax \nx P Ӯ.


168) |US Aߦ { C Au UPzv u.

Cu Au | AߣP v.


Future goodness can be seen in present sweetness.


169) Our idea that our children will be affectionate, our friends will be loyal, etc. does not so much reflect the reality as our own self-esteem.


| ͨ \Pz uQx.

|m ]Ө | ԯ Eu {ڨ.


Human goodness is human expectation.


170) The greatest progress one can induce in the society is that which he can realise in his inner spiritual substance.


u \vzuu uo \vUS.


171) Sense of unreal superiority that is emotionally fulfilling is that of the primitive who prides in his primitivity. All orthodox people are like that.


u u Enx h |UPUS uh ux.


172) Surrender is the reversal of the original hostility to God's creation.


A_P x \nPv.


The very first contradiction is the birth of Asuras. Surrender is the reversal of that contradiction.


173) Neither man, nor woman, can hope for fulfilment without the other. Tapas that gives up the woman is obviously partial.


\UvUS \ \nPv u AuS.


Shakti demands surrender of the Ishwara and there is no escape from it as he seeks the whole that is integral.


174) Surrender is not a method in that it is not partial. It is a state of consciousness that is not only full but is indivisible.


\nPv u US ¯zvS Ex. Sv ڮ \nPv HP ix.


Methods are partial. Fullness requires a status, not even an attitude.

Opinion is of the mind, attitude is of the vital, motive is of the being.

Status is all embracing.


175) One needs a full YOGA to realise the value of surrender. Consecration is difficult to begin as it is to leave the surface being and enter into the subliminal being.


\n \P[PͲ umPshx.


176) Instead of one trying to change from evil to good, one should surrender that effort to Mother. That knowledge is the knowledge which awakes to Him in one and is far higher than the tapas for moksha.


\nPv bڮ.


Surrender is the awakening of the soul to the reality of Brahman inside as The Mother.


Tapas is to recognise one's capacity to liberate oneself. Surrender is to give up one's reliance on one's own capacities.


177) The idea of surrender is the knowledge of the existence of a greater power. Surrender to be real must begin as total surrender and be total throughout.


nP Cux \nPv.


By being total and integral Surrender is a vibration of Brahman even as Supermind is a plane that is in constant touch with the Absolute.

Surrender begins when the being becomes integral and complete.


n nUS AoUP i.


178) Espousing ideals, especially high ideals, blunts the conscience in other areas and lapses are justified by the mind.

Cm]vUS u xP uv.

May we say it is the ideal that negatively spurred the betrayal?

Essential lapses in character offset espousal of high ideals.


179) Evil nature seeks ideals as a compensation.

w _ m]zx Qx.


180) The rational mind feels like a fool when he sits and calls Mother. But, it is not only what no mind can ordinarily do, but the first step into the golden hour.

Pzu h|UP G ڮ T֮.

P x Gߣx mk, G iux Th.

iu x zvS h |UP.


181) He who has chosen Mother has only one thing to do which he always avoids and forgets. He has no right to ask what it is.

u Ph Өx _.

Ӣu Ph UP iux.

He forgets it because it is too much for him.

When reminded he wonders how he forgot it.

Man forgets Mother.


182) Repentance on the part of man, forgiveness on the part of the divine in man are the most distant echoes of Surrender that is the action of self- awareness. Surrender is self-made, not imposed from outside or even inside.

Bsh mhP A_ sk A |kx \nPv.

Evil returning to Good is surrender. It is the Hostiles returning to God, the Absolute.


183) God takes man back to Himself through his wife. That is why marriages are made in heaven.

\Uv D ]zvUS Azxa \.

\uv \u P[PS.


184) uԸx u.

u zxx u.

u uԼ, zvx.

Sin is not an act; it is an attitude.

Error is not sin, to stick to it is.


185) uԯux Es AhUP.

uԢx Ah[Q AhUP uo BЮ AhUP.


Conscious humility is God's self-awareness.


186) An Aئu Aߣ Q.

Anzv Aئu AݣzvSx.

An A Aئu.

An Aߤ Au.

Consecration makes the past present.


187) Humility not only recognises we are part of the whole, it enables the whole to offer the efficiency of it to the part.

EP J |hzxx EPzv \ J x.

Humility is the strength of prosperity.


188) Ideals, doctrines, creeds, etc. are followed not as they are but as one's personality permits or accommodates.

u uzu {nUQ.

u A {nv.

Man alone is the determinant.


189) ڮ ]u { BǮ sk.

En Eͮ ֮.

Eͮ EP [P sk.

Ezv EP Ena] .

zv .

Change is by emotions, not by thought.



190) \ \n \u \ US.

\n \ US.

He who consecrates his speech will find his words come true.


191) Man rarely turns to God or does anything GOOD. But the moment he does so he abundantly resorts to the opposite.

|x \v, \u Eh Pmhu AvPP \x _.

The moment man does anything Good, God compels him to balance it fully without waiting for the Good to be completed.

Pmhv |v.

192) Punctuality is time deciding work. Work deciding Time is the WORK.


\mhzvSmmh \ۯ .


193) uP |hx \nPvUS Ahͮ.

APzv \n zv \.

EP \kx E Hأx.

\n \ ڮ.

Initiative is inhibitive. Surrender rises when initiation is given up.


194) To be what one is, even if it is evil, is REAL while the effort or desire to change into GOOD is not real to man. One is what is real to him. Against the needs and urges of his nature he is helpless. One is awake if he is good.


CP Cx _.

x Ȩ.

Soaked in Mother's atmosphere one is awake to the necessity to change his evil nature. Life gives only antidotes, not awakening.

u x. Ȩ ֮.

Bz UP B BshS.


195) Till man recognises his own evil, he serves the evil in others. Squint is expressive of the evil.

uگԯ u ӸUS \ \Q.

One meets oneself in others.


196) A lack is a warning signal when one arrives at the end of his resources. For a sadhak it is an occasion to remind himself of the Infinity of his energy and capacity for skill formation.

Bzx Bsh AԲ |.


197) When work stalls, it means the energy of the capacity is insufficient. As the demands of work on the person rise this happens, which is a good sign and an occasion for progress.

͸ | x mh Ex ux.

A lack is a signal for growth.


198) Thought works in the mind. Methods work in their own planes.

The plane of Surrender is not mind or body but evolution.

Surrender is not a method nor does it belong to any plane.

\nPv nzv v.


199) n |UP \n \ ix.


\n Gߣx n |UP.


|UP \n.

\n |UP.

Faith and consecration are almost synonymous.


200) \n \mh \ \nPv Ψkzu i. \nPvUS { uzuU Phu {. Ӻ ua \nhu uUS \nPv.

Man can entertain surrender from others. The offending part in others is an announcement of God to him of his spiritual duty.



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