Series XII


51) -z-v Ena] -g\z-v Ena].


52) B-- {---kz-v--, A-Q---x {-



| | {ڨ--v.


| | n- Ө--v.*


Man forgets Mother in spite of the fact She is he himself.

(*The opposites are true.)


53) b-ڮ J P Ag-b-ڮ.

b-z-u u- Gmh i--u-.

Bv- Gm-hu b-ڮ Ag-b-ڮ.

As knowledge does not reach the Supreme, it is, in that sense, Ignorance.


54) Self-awareness is Self knowing Himself as Self in us and further discovering himself as the human in us trying to emerge as the evolving Self from the involving Self.


- u --P |- A-u u


u uz u-P A-x u A--u-S.


55) A-\-u - A\--u, ---ux --u,

Ax --P CU-P-u?


{ Gx--- -x.


56) The fact is we cannot communicate simple news to others, while our deepest urge is to educate the whole world.


Gu- G-U-S \--Į i-x.


57) The great experience of one culture is mockery to another who is ignorant of it. A stupid person, ignorant of the rich wisdom of another, neglects him or laughs at him.


A--US A- PU-S---x.


The fool who laughs at wisdom is proud about his own great mind.


A---u--US u A- A- A--\ڮ.


58) Capacity of Goodness is an asset, not mere capacity that can be used either way.


v vQ u.


v vkU-Q-ha \-.


As goodness is never met, one's efficiency is a threat.


|--u---u E-P v-----z v-h--PU P-x.


59) The spiritual relationship of social factors is well defined to the spiritual vision but to the ordinary person it is complex or complicated, as a five year old listens to the genealogy of his family or the members introduced to him in a function.


Ps-qU-Sz u-u- -v -hu -u E--P.


60) -x G--v. G -ux Gڨ -x.


A-U-S -u-, En-U-Sz u--h-ux E



Sri Aurobindo's explanations are not beyond comprehension but are non-realities to human life. They won't be retained by the memory.


61) Mind can desist from an action. But the body on its own, without any volition of mind can act on what it likes. It is the involuntary action of the physical substance.


z-uU Phu Eh, Eh-- Ph-ux.


-u u Pm-k-m-i.


A - A --.


Eh C---.


62) There is no question for which answers are not found in The Life Divine. Only that one must find it.


C-u v C. C--uU Psk iUP s-k.


All questions of life are answered in The Life Divine.


63) Services rendered by sulky behaviour are disservice.


_nU-P _-Pzu nU-PU-S.


]q[-Q- Gx-Į ]u-.


]q[-S--US ]Ө-.


64) Evil choosing the life of the good, subconsciously craves for destruction at everyone's hands.


-u H A_- C- u Eh-U Qzx |-\ \ s-k G --iU



| -Psh m-h-- u A-- -\-P |hzu -Q-.


65) People who do not have the basic capacities should not attempt perfection.


A-v----- A[-P- \ i--x.


A-Q--u-US \- A[-P- -P--U-S.


Perfection is for strength, not for weakness.


66) E-Pz-v-Sz u--x -US \--S.


-US \--x Ph--US \-----U-S.

-US u--x u-z-v-S \--S.


u-- - Ck Ez-u- H-P-m-h, Au-S- us-h QhU-S.


--z-x-u \ s-k.


67) -v ]- -.

One retort loses one hundred years of patient waiting.

v \u-US E--s-k.

Patience is patience when it is endless. That patience which has an end is not patience. He who was patient for a long time loses its value when he

retorts even once.


68) Mean resourcefulness is matchless.


-\-iU-P-- - Cn---x.


Meanness has matchless resourcefulness.


69) B- i-x Aڢ-u.


70) \---n i-- G ڮ H[-Q- \-u- Eu-Į.


A "Eu-u' | Az-x Eu-Į.

Es-- Eu--ux AP-u.

Gx-Į Eu-x G--v. | i--u --x.


71) ]-uگȢx -ڮ {zu Gʮ ]-u b---S.


Jnana is the Thought that descends on the mind in its Silence.


b-ڮ C- ]-u-.


72) u-[-P A-. z-, \z-v ---S --x -g-\z-v A--S.


z--Į, -z-Į A- J---S.


Gods are of the size of the earth; the psychic expands to the ends of the universe.


73) Mind understands mental thought. The brain understands the Supramental Thought.


ڮ A-x Gs-n.

Eh A-x \z-v---¯ b-ڮ.

E-h A-u A-, Eh-US A-.


74) G---h- \---i--ux b-ڮ.


P- b-ڮ A\-x.


Jnana is so profound and vast as the universe and defies communication.


b-ڮ P--x. Au- A\ C--x.


75) Silent Will is a wider will and can grow widest.


-ڮ P- Ez-u--.


-ڮ Bn.


The Absolute's decision is Delight.


76) Realisation is relief.

Realisation can be relaxation, but realisation should be enjoyment.


]zv {-v u.


77) Understanding is ascent, teaching and writing is descent.


-x z-v--PU P-kUP s-k.

--uU P-k-x zv.


78) Energy, nutrients, micronutrients, etc. determine health. There is a greater wider determinant of inner equilibrium. Any imbalance or lack of any ingredient will be rectified by this equilibrium within its limits.


- |- U-P Eh |.


Mind determines health.


79) \--n i-u | AǨ Eu-Į.

AǨ- i-- G v-ڮ Eu-Į.

v-ڮ - G -, |g-\ "A' Ga


i---hz-v B-UP s-k.

Gx-Į i--x G--v-.


80) \-n -x G- z-v--x |g-_U-S

- -Q-x G Az-u.

ڮ -U-S--x. |g-\ A-U-S--x.

ڮ |g-\--x v-----x.


\-n UP s-k.


81) Pu A P--.

m-]- E-P Eu-Į P- .

A- E-P Eu-Į u--ڮ U-Pm].

En- E-P m] |hUP Eu-Į P- Pu.


82) i-x ; iU-P-ux &&


Man's formula for self-justification.


83) God brought Freedom to India on the most auspicious of days. Astrologers manipulated the hour of commencement, which directly led to bloodshed.

C- u _--Tz-uzu -u A-\-S--U-S-Q-.

Man's resourcefulness in cancelling grace is consummate.


84) Becoming is a passing phenomenon. Being is everlasting. But the Being of the Becoming is the everlasting phenomenon that is evolving which is eternal Delight.


\z-v- {z-v Bڢ-u.

A- A-z-x-z-v Bڢ-u \z-v -.

-u A--. Ph- {z-v-.

\z-v- {z-v-- - Bڢ-u.


85) All men are equal before law is rewritten by the tyrant that all men are equally ignoble before tyranny.

\m-h -u m-h-U-S.

{-- \m-h A{----P---S.

{-z-u A{--- -x.

E-u--ݮ, u̢-u--ݮ \m-hz-v ֮ -u.


86) u- Au---, \m-h P-k[-P--S.

\m-h Gv--- --u-S.

P --x -- .

A--Pzu h \m-h Gv---x P-k.


87) A-i A-\-- A_- Bm] \-.


The slave who ascends the throne is the tyrant.


sh Ai BЮ A_-.


A_- G-- Ai- sk A-\---.


88) The evolutionary Force acting, acts according to the circumstances rather than according to ethics.


\Uv u-z-v-SU Pm-k--hx.


89) Life preserves itself when shaken in a crisis. Writers preserve the society when they stir up its forces. Literature is generally preservative of society.


C--uU P-x CU-Q-.


90) Partial perception of the mind needs a direction, feels an excitement. The full sensation of the Spirit is directionless and is in calm Ananda.


-u-US Cm-]-; Bz--US A-v.


The soul needs no ideal that mind seeks.


Bz- A-v-z uk--v. A-v Au Bv {.


91) Any present institution will have over 80% of outdated methods in-built into it. Moreover, they would be indifferent to advantages up to 80%. To get rid of the first and avail of the latter will raise any company fifty to a hundred times.


ͺa] ---U-Q--x.


Growth is by choice; non-growth too. Anyone who chooses can grow.


92) Subtlety is as important as Silence to begin yoga.


-z-u `m-_-- -Pz-vS A-]-.


93) Man's life is determined by his subconscient.


Eh T-x Es.


94) Study of a language introduces one to its history, culture and their social values.


z-v Ӣ-xx -- |k J-΢-x-x.


Language is the cultural skin of the social body.



95) - -u Sz-xU P-Q-x.


Ax Ai--h- g-b-ڮ, -Ψ-m-i P.

g-b-ڮ P-P --x Tm-h \--P-P ͺ--u-S.

Language is a science that develops as an art.


96) One who tries to codify the linguistic concepts sees all the time that his effort is effectively defied. He must remember that the very development of language is a codified one.

-- J \ ---.

-- u S-v- -u.

97) Rational advice is only for men who will avoid past errors of themselves and others.

u »U-Q- u A --k.


98) Wise men in the traditional sense can have traditional wisdom that is limited to their period. To speak of the future one needs to know the theory of change or better still the theory of creation.


&& -Pz-vS wUP u--\---.


&& Bz u-\-z-vS wUP u-\--s-k.


99) In the name of Mother one can justify one's weakness and that too may succeed by the intensity of faith. It does not mean weakness is right.

|-UP , A x |-UP .

To surrender that weakness to Mother is faith in Mother.

zu A -x-P-. zu \--n \--.


100) A--US A S-κ \.

-P \---U-S A An-u u.

A--US v -QUS |.

Cu -P -u-U-Q. u-[-P HPu -P Cx.


C--US m-k E- -P Cx.



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