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Writeup for an IT company


Oct. 25, 2006

The several ways by which companies grow or even shoot up like a meteor are well documented.

  • The pride of place goes to efficiency (from 30 days to 4.5 days for building a ship).
  • The commonest phenomenon of meteoric growth is by the expanding MARKET energising the company. (Sears) An expanding society is far more capable of energising fresh companies that enter its spirit (Amazon, E-bay, e-mail, $500,000 capital rising to $660 million in two years, $6 million rising to $1300 million in the same period.)
  • System energising organisation and organisation doing the same to the company (Tata).

High management principles applied to low fields of yield (Tata Tea Estate).

  • New phases of national growth lending themselves to the individual growth (E.I. Company paying fabulous dividends riding on the crest of the empire).
  • Walter, Carnegie, Morgan rose on the national wave, cost accountancy, secret of Money.
  • Intelligent imitation in Japan.
  • Recovering national pride - USSR, Germany.
  • Making hay at the expense of a world crisis - USA.
  • New products - all US companies in the 19th century.
  • Shifting the management focus from centralisation to de-centralisation - Mackenzies
  • A/c - Arthur Anderson.
  • People - Coca-Cola
  • Reversing the basic attitude - customer satisfaction. Innovative sales - money back guarantee of Iacocca.
  • New national climate spurred by new technology - Infosys
  • Invention - GE
  • The above points record growth of companies in a short period from five times to 130 times.
  • These are results the world knows. They are phenomenal, miraculous. Not many were able to take after them, as they were all dismissed as "luck".
  • A company has five components. Each can split into ten or more sub-components.
  • Their energy can be released by 1) attitudes, 2) strategies, 3) balance, 4) tuning with the society and another 15 ways.

Any one of these fifty components can effectively act in more than ten ways.

Their power is mostly in evidence during different types of growth -- market, technological, social, national, global or evolutionary.

In the long list of illustrations above, accomplishment is by ONE of those powers. Of course, when one power is fully activated, by virtue of its growth, it drags a few other energies into action.

  • Work has several aspects of which efficiency is one.
  • Work has a centre in the company.

Similarly, people, Energy, organisation, market, technology, money, etc., have their own centres of existence. Working from such centres, the energy released is ten times more than working from one of its components.

All these centres have ONE common centre.

The world has not known that centre yet.

Moving to that centre, the organisation becomes an organism.

It is NOT a centre of a two dimensional existence.

It is a centre of the sphere of the company.

  • As Demming said, the growth is not so difficult to achieve as carrying conviction with the management.
  • There are few managements that will not cry a halt to the growth when it crosses a certain level.
  • To explain that aspect is another fuller presentation.
  • The more organised, the better suited for expansion.

story | by Dr. Radut