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Work, Capacity and Personality


September 06,  2001

  • The three statuses of Time can be compared to work, capacity and Personality.
  • To start with, man acquires work-knowledge and speaks only of that, of what he has been doing.
  • The work gives him capacity of various descriptions like understanding, coordination, execution, planning, etc.
  • It is obvious work is included in the capacity.
  • By concentrating on capacity, work is fully taken case of.
  • Behind the capacity there is the Soul, the Purusha, the Person.
  • We can simply take it as his personality.
  • It means mien, bearing, poise, steadiness, cheerfulness, pleasantness, etc. not at the expense of work but a poise that includes capacity and work.
  • How to acquire it and pass it on as training to another?
  • It is easy to see that one who has NO capacity thinks of work and speaks about it.
  • We see one endowed with capacity does not so much speak of work as express his capacity.
  • One who is cheerful tries in sales to pass on cheerfulness, speaks little of the product and focuses less on his capacity.
  • On the floor he who refuses to be urged by his knowledge of the product or to impress the customer by his capacity still deals with the product capably but centred in himself i.e. quiet, calm, observing, not tense, not anxious, etc.
  • It must be possible for one to see at which point his focus is.
  • Having seen that, he must shift his focus.
  • One who has learnt the details of a TV's technology will rarely be able to restrain himself.
  • He who has a capacity to bargain will not easily give it up.
  • It can be summarized as: know the product, develop various capacities but use neither, go inside and remain there ready to express either when called.

story | by Dr. Radut