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October 05, 2005

  • The core of the company lies in the Personality of the proprietor.

His own ideals, attitudes, organisation, values will determine his Personality. It is necessary it should be positive, expansive and evolutionary. Should that be so, the growth of the company will never stop. It will not face difficulties on its own i.e. no difficulties will be generated by the functioning of the company. Difficulties if any will come from outside. It will always be able to face it successfully.

- Such a company can never be destroyed even in the worst of circumstances.

- For that several essentials are necessary, we shall take them up later, in the end.

  • Questions not to be asked.

- Any discipline demands that certain questions cannot be asked or raised. Those who raise such questions are unfit for this work.

- Prepare an exhaustive list of such questions.

1)         Is suspension of work permissible?

2)         Is training necessary?

3)         Should we grow?

4)         Should efficiency rise?

5)         What is our attitude to waste?

6)         Can Indians rise to the level of American efficiency?

7)         Should we try to be ideal?

8)         Can we be truthful?

9)         Can defects be totally eliminated?

10)       How important is punctuality?

With respect to each such issue each company develops a fixed attitude. It should be located and changed. Try to exhaust this list of questions out of your experience. Your own questions rising out of field experience is powerful, more powerful than what you hear or read.

E.G. Is Management a science is one such question. It can be explained to you or you may read it. It certainly will make a good impression. But when you see the power of ideas that bring results and see the power issuing out of its being a science then the impression that it creates will be lasting. One such is punctuality. When Management is taken as a Science, Time comes into its own. Punctuality is to honour Time as a scientific tool.

  • There is no limit to improvement.

- Efficiency effects miracles. It is the least.

- Organisation is the next higher step. It is far more powerful as different from efficiency as the postal system is to personal messenger.

- Values makes organisation conscious and expands it horizontally and raises it vertically.

Growth has no limits as it goes into development and evolution. The receptivity - the carrying capacity of the owner or the organisation - sets the limit.

  • There are a few things major and minor where the company cannot err.

- They are material, organisational and of values.

- They summarise themselves into company attitudes in general as well as individual.

-As elsewhere write out a list of these items, exhaust them, keep it as a basic document and honour it as a Manual of life giving energy.

- Non payment of the salary on the 1st.

  • Defiance of authority X offending the dignity of the person.
  • Compromise with defects
  • Pamper those who benefit us.
  • We cannot be taking the society into too much account.
  • The company is a child of the society. Therefore we cannot neglect it.
  • The CEO as well as others should constantly be observing HOW our own company is really the child of the society in which act in what measure must be observed, studied, recorded to exhaustion. Such an understanding based on practical observation can be a life giving vibration. It can directly bring in more business.
  • It is easily possible to see 1) how our company lives on the society 2) how the society draws strength of energy from our work. Should a CEO fully appreciate this aspect in his mind, energise it by his interest and lives by that, we can surely say that alone is enough to keep the company going or even growing.
  • Basic work on Management.

- Put in ALL the organisation, ALL the systems, write down all the procedures, rules, manuals etc. and see this knowledge is 1) translated into practice 2) reaches all the levels below.

Let no work be done except through a system.Co-ordinate the systems. A company that is capable of this co-ordination cannot fail to grow at all times. There is no more a powerful tool than this.

- Gradually come to see that there is a theory behind everything and see knowing that theory the efficiency is greater. Take it down to all the levels.

  • In any field Work must exhaust

1) Our energy 2) interest 3) skill 4) capacity 5) organisation 6) understanding  One becomes creative at the point of exhaustion. Green Revolution emerges like that. End of WWII gave birth to UN. It is a known phenomenon. Banking system developed like that from discounting the bills, packing credit, term loan, fresh adventure, credit card etc.

  • In the very worst of circumstances, effort will reward, efficiency will increase results, organisation will result in growth.
  • Every item like skill must be reviewed and acted on as follows.

- Old and new

- Change from old to new

- Skill related to work  machine system the PRESENT

- Ever increasing skill

- Relation of skill to capacity, talent and ability

The Skill of skills which once acquired will help him acquire all the skills needed by the occasion or the field Perceptive skill of the leader who acts humbly combining faith and reason, patience and speed, accomplishment and scale, power with love, passivity and action.

- Rising star

- He who can create Rising Stars

- Self-giving.

  • Today must be better than yesterday, at least last week.
  • Attitudes.   

Evaluate how each of these attitudes bear upon his own work        

Attitudes to Work                           New tangled ideas

Values                                                  Women

Results                                                 Visitors

Colleagues                                    Complaints, praise

Money                                                 Cleanliness

Profit                                                   Courtesies

Safety                                                   Lapses

Criticism                                               Perfection

Public criticism                                   Casual attitudes

Self criticism                                           Children

Organisation                                   Small significant events

Ideas                                                    Surprise                      

Imitation                                                Status             

Repetition                                              Routine                      

Learning                                               Innovation                  

Hope, trust and faith                            Competition               

 National issues                            Cooperate to compete

 Hygiene                                                   Caste  

 TIME                                                        Wealth 

  • A/C

Cost accounts

Cash flow chart - It can generate excess cash.

  • Collection
  • Handling of the past, preparation for the future.
  • Career in this company.


  • Receptivity to national expansiveness  Company becoming a national organisation.
  • Psychological receptivity.
  • Evaluate how each of these items impacts on his work.
  • Awareness of his career, educational, learning experience, happiness  potential.
  • Willingness to make them real

- General

- In his own work

  • Suggestions for improvement



Monetary incentive

Improving the Organisation (What is done now by personal instruction can be done by a rule later)

  • News from industry


Significance of such attitudes.

  • Silent Will in Work Personal work For personal satisfaction
  • Attention to Time, results, scales, exhaustion, boss, colleague, work, profit, comfort, money, leisure, values, opinions, strength and finally to attentiveness.

story | by Dr. Radut