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Vision of the Life Divine


20 / 09/ 2001

The central ideas of The Life Divine are points of departure from the tradition. They can be conceived under 10 to 30 heads.

  • The Brahman is conceivable as Something that eludes any description but has created ALL.
  • We are That Brahman or That and the life that we live is what we have made, having longed for it.
  • The Spirit evolves through creation.
  • Brahman resorted to creation in quest of Delight.
  • Complementaries have become contraries, the Force having hidden into its opposite so that its discovery will lead to a greater, higher goal.
  • Love cannot exist only with heavenly food. It needs a material base.
  • Reality has always been ONE. Our vision is that of the Many.
  • One and Many are always reconciled. We need to know it.
  • We must know God in the ascent as we know Him in the descent.
  • The scientist must know Matter as fully as the Sannyasi knows Spirit.
  • The Aryan balance must be restored at the supramental plane.
  • It is man who must unite the subconscient and the Superconscient.
  • Man cannot skip the universal in reaching the Transcendent.
  • Ego is not the self, but the Jivatma is the Self.
  • To know the relationship between the Being of the Becoming is wisdom.
  • The Force is Conscious.
  • The delight of Being becomes the Delight of Becoming.
  • Supermind, not Mind, has created the world.
  • Matter is a greater plane than Spirit.
  • Ignorance is the highest product of the universe.
  • The supramental being will be born. It is inevitable.
  • We must move not to Timelessness, but to the simultaneity of Time planes.
  • Jivatma is eternal.
  • Neither the ONE nor the Many, but that which includes both is the ultimate.
  • Ignorance is knowledge limited.
  • No evil has been created. It is only for the ego.
  • The evolving spirit needs rebirth.

One who has understood the Book can summarise the main ideas of each chapter and then take out the one central idea that is prominent. Such an exercise will be useful in understanding the Book mentally. But, even that mental effort would have sown the seeds for crossing the plane of mind. All the above ideas and all other such ideas occur in each chapter in various ways. One can review the chapter from any one of these ideas. That helps shed the limitation of the mind. This can be repeated each time with another idea. Each of these 56 chapters must be understood in the light of everyone of these 56 chapters. That breaks the mental barrier.

Its practical part requires inner effort. As we know knowledge evolves or emerges out of Ignorance, we can endeavour in our own life to move to that point where the one emerges out of the other. It is a yogic effort of the inner being. To remain there forever, or exercise our utmost to do so is yoga pure and simple.

We know the Spirit evolves. Let us move from the surface mind to the inner mind and from there to the seat of the evolving Spirit in the subliminal. This is another route of arriving at the same result. These experiments or exercises can be explained in 56 ways appropriate to each chapter. In fact, there are innumerable ways, while one undertaken seriously will serve our purpose.

Any of them can be done by Japa, meditation, mantra, etc. laboriously or by a serious mental effort that is not concentration but seeks Silence. By raising the level of Silence one can be moving up. The real point of departure is from the mind that sees the part to the Supermind that has the vision of the Whole.

The Life Divine is written to lead one on that path and reveal that VISION. As one is unable to follow the intellectual arguments, and is lost in the heaviness created by reading, various ways are thought of to get the aspirant a glimpse intended by HIM. The  above is one of them. Token effort, deep abiding Love of The Mother, acceptance of Him in the depth and such other methods are not easily accessible to one caught up in the meshes of academic training. So, this attempt is to begin from where we are and lead us to where He wanted us to reach. One single glimpse of the MARVEL too is sufficient reward.

story | by Dr. Radut