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443. The Value of Attention

Attention to people has never failed; rather it matures into affection. Suppose a company is making meagre profits, if the owner goes round the company and pays FULL attention to everyone and everything, before he finishes the full round, the profits will boom. Meteoric rise in companies occurs when new markets open, or a new fashion catches the eye of the public. Suppose the proprietor takes care to teach, instruct, train, inspire his men to pay attention to time, details, work, rules, order, perfection, procedure, custom, usage, etc., the sky is the limit to their growth. Everyone does not have a company, but everyone has a family. Families are run on traditional lines of discipline, obedience, custom, etc. Mostly it is male domination. Now female domination is emerging openly or at least subtly.

Replace domination by humility, discipline by self-discipline, obedience by affection, custom by rational requirement of the hour, and one can witness that the family is a spring of JOY and life will initiate itself on the route of rise. The opposite also is true. Above average personalities respond to attention. Below average personalities are spoiled by attention or recognition. Learn to neglect them, neglect their best accomplishment, and they will move heaven and earth to catch your attention. We go by one rule, attention or neglect. It does not yield the best results. No one can put a pinch of salt on the tongue or take a bite of chilli. But it is salt that gives the flavour to food. Chilli makes many food items a delicacy. The Andhras have made it an art.

Life, its flavour, its blossoming fragrance lies in knowing the proper mix of the opposite qualities. Very rarely do we see a man marrying a woman of cantankerous behaviour and creating domestic felicity. Women do it more. Make a pleasant life marrying a loafer husband. At the office, especially in political parties, people learn to make the best out of the worst. Especially when alliances are forged, self-respect, ideal, goodness, etc. are sacrificed in favour of victory. Instead of doing it for mercenary reasons, it can be done for idealistic reasons. Man has learnt the art of making a purely selfless service an instrument of his selfish importance. The other way about is the secret of bringing heaven on earth.


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Para 1 - Line 2 - meagre - meager

K. Venkatesh

story | by Dr. Radut