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  March 26, 2006

  • The Unknowable is not a fixed quantity, nor is it an unfixed flux.
  • The Unknowable is neither an Existence nor a non-Existence but an IS that includes both and can be any other thing it chooses. It has no choice other than responding to the approaches of the human mind's desire for formulations. Hence, he says,

-The Unknowable formulates Itself as the human mind approaches It.

  • The Mind is the universal Subliminal MIND created at the meeting point of the Superconscient and the subconscient and is a complement to the MIND created at the splitting of the Supermind into the comprehending as well as apprehending Supermind. This is the Mind of knowledge. The Subliminal Mind is the Mind of Ignorance having an amplitude of the universe.
  • The Surface Mind is a narrow inversion of the Subliminal Mind for the purposes of perfecting the Ignorance (Ch. 13, Bk. II).
  • The Surface Mind exists in two layers of surface and depth.

Its surface is what we know exists in Time as finite as a play for the Mind and ego.

Its depth is Inner Mind which has the three doors of Nirvana, Manomaya Purusha and an opening to the Psychic in the subliminal below.

  • Indian yoga exists in the surface Mind, i.e. Surface Mind and Inner Mind.

Indian yoga sought liberation.

Liberation is the Spiritual part of the embodied being of four parts detaching itself from these and journeying to the Superconscient or Sachchidananda or beyond to the unmanifest Brahman - the Immutable Brahman.

Indian yoga has not gone beyond this.

It is a realisation of the surface mind or surface being.

HE calls it the realisation of the ego, as the surface retains the ego.

  • Our human world is in Time known as the lower triplicity.

It is on the surface. It is the manifest world.

Its depth, the Inner mind, is in Timelessness and is unmanifest.

What is in the unmanifest, manifests in the surface being or world.

  • The yogi who seeks liberation cannot rise to the Original unmanifest Spirit whose various levels are Atman, Immutable Purusha, Sachchidananda, Witness Purusha, etc.
  • Shankara's realisation is Atman (Brahman) whose power is Maya.
  • The Gita's realisation is the Purushothama, the higher version of Purusha which is the Immutable Brahman.

The yogi to reach his original Spirit has to go down into the Inner Mind which enables him to rise to liberation, as it is not bound to Mind, Time, and ego as the surface mind is. The Inner Mind is in the same plane of Timelessness as the Original Spirit.

  • The Surface Mind is the manifest.

The Inner Mind has the Unmanifest.

  • The Inner Mind permits the seeker to rise to the Superconscient in the plane of Timelessness while it does not allow the seeker to rise to the psychic beings of the Spiritual range of Mind.
  • The subliminal which has the Psychic in the universal plane of knowledge - Ignorance can allow the seeker to rise to the Supermind via the ranges of the Spiritual Mind.
  • The Unknowable formulates Itself as the surface being in Time to human existence, as the Superconscient original Spirit in Timelessness to the aspiring yogi for moksha, or as the Integral Full Brahman in Simultaneous Time in Supermind to the sadhaka of Integral Yoga.
  • The Witness Purusha, the Manomaya Purusha are the unmanifest and are in the Inner mind. The Inner mind is nothing but the depth of the surface mind.
  • Manifestation in Time is the Surface.
  • The Unmanifest of Timelessness is in the depth of the Surface which is Inner Mind.

The Subliminal goes beyond Timelessness to Simultaneous Time to express the Full Integral Brahman whose life is the divine life and Marvel. It is a dimension the Rishis have not seen till now.

It has always existed unknown to the human Quest.

story | by Dr. Radut