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Tryst with Evolutionary Emergence


January 16, 2002

  • Integral Yoga; spiritual evolution; human biological evolution of form; spreading all over the universe; spirit moving Matter; becoming good; opening that is receptivity to the Truth that is descending; moving to Asat from Sat without losing hold of Sat; uniting the subconscient and the Superconscient in oneself are not for man.
  • Even to have a glimpse of any of them, one's thinking must go above the head, one must enter the fourth dimension, the Silence of Supermind where supramental love begins must fill him, one must be able to see the earth going around the sun from the universal consciousness, etc. etc. These and several others indicate the first steps in yoga siddhi.
  • We are now grappling with the Token Act.
  • Token Consecration is the inner counterpart of the outer Token Act.
  • Consecration that consummates in surrender is a yoga siddhi which reveals the inner Divine, the Universal Divine and the Transcendental Divine.
  • Knowledge emerging out of Ignorance is evolutionary emergence.
  • A liar cannot be true in his consciousness or character for one day or even one hour, but he can certainly stop lying for one day. The principle is what is impossible in inner character is eminently possible in outer behaviour, especially for a short duration.
  • Naturally, this cannot be done by choosing a day and practicing it. It demands comprehensive inner preparation over a long time.
  • The intellectual, yogic, academic exercises in the last six or twelve months are enough potential preparation for this.
  • Of course, this needs to be organised in order to capitalize on that potential power.
  • Organisation is to keep each part of the energies in readiness to act when required.
  • The energies we have sporadically released at random in a clumsy fashion are spiritual by reading The Life Divine, mental by minutely considering the theory of work,  vital by examining the attitudes and physical by implementing several of them.
  • Each needs an organisation in their own plane and in relating to other planes.
  • Organisation of mental energies in their plane of mind means understanding them and deciding to act according to them only.
  • In the vital plane, it means NOW the vital happily, fully endorses those attitudes examined and approved of earlier.
  • In the physical plane, it means implementation.
  • NOT to let any ACT escape their combined benefits is to organise their coordination.
  • To FULLY attempt consecration of each little bit of these acts is to prepare oneself.
  • More important than this preparation is to protect what is being created by the invasion of the past invalid impulses. Protection is not to be argued with, it must be there.
  • When one is preparing himself for this, he will see himself entering into the zones of social occupation or mental occupation by social consciousness, vital occupation with psychological consciousness and physical occupation with biological consciousness.  To emerge out of their clutches, if not decondition them is a sine qua non.

story | by Dr. Radut