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466. True Values are Truly Valuable

Man may err in his observation and understanding but life does not.  Some people are successful everywhere; others are unsuccessful everywhere.  There are some who are successful in work but not in family affairs.  We see cases of the opposite description.  Of such people we hear comments, "The man is responsible, sincere, and hard-working, and he meets with success in his office work uniformly, but in the affairs of his family he is a dismal failure. He is unable to find a good match for his children though money is not a problem".  People are baffled.  He too shares their view.  Any of us know of some cases like this.  It requires a perceptive eye which subtle life knowledge gives to reach the truth behind.  For some reason known or unknown to him early in his married life, he would have accepted every appearance of responsibility and decided NOT to be truly responsible.

The richest landlord in that part of the district who had been MLA, etc. had not married his daughter with an M.A. until she was 35.  Early in his married life he was sour with his brother-in-law and had not allowed his wife to visit her people until that brother-in-law died. This incident developed a bitterness in him which extended to his daughter through his wife.  Those who know the family circumstances may have a glimpse of this truth.  A man who has never stolen is not called honest. One is honest when he is incapable of stealing. Honesty, loyalty, sincerity, responsibility, reliability, etc. cannot be easily pretended.  But those with excellent good manners, especially inherited from the family, are often capable of irresponsibility while giving the appearance to everyone in every aspect of responsibility.

Life never errs.  Its results show what you really are inside.  Life does not reward your appearance,  but it truly reflects what you are inwardly.  One can deceive others.  Maybe one is clever enough to deceive oneself. But life cannot be deceived. What a man accomplishes in life is a true expression of his sincerity.  But these irresponsible people will be certainly responsible in other areas.  Selfish men, though irresponsible everywhere, will surely succeed whenever they do something for themselves.  For a selfish man, whether it is himself, his work, his friends or his family, wherever he feels responsible, he will have a magnificent response from life.  Mother too follows his own swabhava in responding to him.

story | by Dr. Radut