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November 27, 2000

  • Total, Complete, full, entire, whole, ALL are various expressions that are the opposites of partial, incomplete, each.   
  • When the force of consciousness is total, IT moves, the Force acts.
  • Physical, vital, mental, and spiritual are one way of dividing the Being.
  • Gross, subtle, causal are similar divisions of planes.  
  • Inner and outer is a familiar duality explaining the parts.
  • The same in qualities is expressed as subjective and objective or Time and Space.  
  • We know consciousness splits into consciousness and Force.
  • We also know Force puts forth Form from out of itself.       
  • Being, Consciousness and Ananda are the triple ways in which the Being is seen, if not as parts, as different aspects.           
  • It is true that one way of making a part a whole, makes the whole in other ways also, if not in all ways.   
  • The divisions exist in other fashions also such as perfect, imperfect; pure, impure; Knowledge, Ignorance; good & evil which we need not consider in extenso.
  • Whichever way an act is made complete, however insufficient it is for the highest of purposes, the Force descends. That is our immediate aim.         
  • Skill moving to become capacity, ability and talent complete the journey. This is one way of reaching completion.    
  • The completion Mother advocates is to move to that center of complete being and to act from there.
  • The value implementation is WORK that allows values to emerge out of them. Work is gross, values are subtle and belong to consciousness. Values create the atmosphere while work fills the basic substance. As the values are being implemented you will witness

People are cheerful          - Psychological atmosphere is created.

Facilities are clean           - Matter expresses the value of cleanliness.           

There is more energy       - Vital is activated 

Work is better done         - Mental ideas are appreciated.     

Some money will come   - This is vital energy.          

Materials FEEL clean       - Consciousness is evoked from matter.

  Maybe it is after a fashion, but something is showing signs of fullness as the whole is being handled entirely and completeness and totality are in view.  At this moment, let us press the button of money, going after greater ad income. Vast resources will reveal themselves and precipitate as income.  Now, let us watch ourselves, staff, rooms, furniture, movements, feelings, sensations, omens, symbols, and symptoms in the entire company from the point of view of this section.

The final shining harvest of knowledge of the process will fall plump into our lap.  The rest is work at all levels. There is no objection to doing this in all departments simultaneously, but to concentrate in one place is easier.

Totality yields Mother's results; how we attain it does not matter.

story | by Dr. Radut