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The Three Statuses of Time –Work, Capacity, Person


September 04,  2001

  • Man's work is visible, can be sensed.
  • His capacity is subjective, cannot be sensed.
  • Man is a Person who includes his capacity and work.
  • These three statuses of man are conceivable as they are real.
  • The motive of the Person can be good or bad.
  • My strength lies in my not being an ego and in identifying with my Personality.
  • In the measure of Personality stands on its own, it wins.
  • Personality can be of the work, of the society or my inner psychological state.
  • The work personality is anxious to be appreciated and when not appreciated, it shrinks.
  • The social being in man seeks the approval of the society wherein our Truth does not lie.
  • My own inner psychological personality which is NOT attached to work and its result; not dependent on society for its approval; is capable of the simultaneous vision.
  • Time is of the work, Timelessness is of the capacity - this is an analogy.
  • By centering oneself in his own Personality and not losing oneself in it, one can review his work and his capacity. There will be no difficulty in seeing this includes capacity and work.

story | by Dr. Radut