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Three Phases of Life


September 21,  2001

  • Life is unorganised at the first phase where there are several sectors organised within themselves but unrelated to other sectors.
  • The organisation of each sector is self-existent and any force that comes near to it, it tries to absorb into it.
  • At this stage the centres of organisation have no idea of coordination or cooperation akin to the individual human selfishness.
  • For a fresh effort no existing organisation will be of any help, as the existing centres know only to aggrandise themselves.
  • In this phase no fresh effort will be tolerated. Life for any new growth is destructive.
  • From this stage of active destruction of the new effort, the old centres grow to become non-destructive or indifferent to the fresh ones. This is neutrality, but neutrality with a vengeance, if the first phase is hostility.
  • In the third phase originally organised centres lovingly come forward to help organise a fresh effort, as they understand now that they will grow by helping others.
  • A person in this phase has his work done in a trice, as the whole community is anxious to help and is proud in offering help.
  • The first is selfishness and the last is Self-giving.
  • Man evokes a response depending on whether he is selfish or Self-giving.
  • By Self-giving the individual changes from the egoistic centre to being a universal centre and now his efficiency is the efficiency of the Universe.
  • To know his is a universal being helps to bring out this change.
  • By shedding the ego and allowing the psychic to emerge, one moves to universality.
  • Shifting to the reliance of Mother inside, She does for us what will be a Herculean labour for us.
  • To know Her help is there and to avail of it is surrender.

story | by Dr. Radut