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                                                                                                December 3, 1991

   Saints, yogis, and avatars are known to have spoken with instant effectivity. The magician also does it. Only that they are from two opposite sources of power, as we find in every walk of life.

   The normal evolution of an effective result of an act rises from act, matures to feeling and culminates with thought. Here thought means thought that completes the act, not the thought that explains the act either to himself or to another. All first acts on earth like man walking on two legs, climbing a tree, building a house etc. etc. began as a physical act in part and when the enthusiasm matures, they show signs of understanding. The act completes itself when the understanding covers all aspects of the work. By then, man will be able to act successfully but will not be able to train another in the same work, much less explain it theoretically. He who builds a house, has all the physical, vital, mental knowledge of building a house. To train another to build requires experience. To explain how to build a house requires long decades or even centuries, because it requires the understanding of the process by the mind. It took very long for man to explain digestion after he learnt to digest. Man has built hundreds of institutions and developed the society but till today there is no comprehensive theory of social development, though parts are always explained.

   Now that man has developed thinking, it is not always necessary for him to start from the act. Now he can start from thought and develop an act through interest. He gets an idea, feels enthused about it, acquires all the skills necessary to accomplish the act. The primitive man's movement from act to thought is an ascent, while the civilised man's movement is a descent. In the descent work is accomplished in decades or years which would have otherwise taken -- from act to thought -- centuries.  Even now, man acts through descent in several areas while through ascent in other areas. All industrial research, new methods of training, coining new institutions etc. are by descent while evolution of polity is by ascent. Psychological development still follows the process of ascent, otherwise called by experimentation, trial and error method.

   Apart from these two phenomena, there is the process of imitation, one building up a family, career or a company which millions have already done. Most follow the process of ascent, having already taken to the process of descent in part, i.e. he takes from others several experiences while in other areas he wants to try on his own. It is here in companies that Planning plays an important role because it is entirely a process by descent.

   Our discussion confines itself to the process in this descent where man imitates others. Then later the knowledge of that process can be extended to other areas where the act is not fully through descent but partly through the ascent. Anyway, what interests is only the process.

   The process is 1) mind conceives, 2) vital energises and 3) the physical executes through skill. Mental knowledge, vital energy and physical skill accomplish an act.  The act of planning insists on all the components and all the constituents without fail and in time. Hence Planning accomplishes most. Man tries to innovate by the method of trial and error and prolongs the period of accomplishment by deviating into several bypaths.

   The act of founding a company, if it is by ascent, by trial and error method, will never get accomplished or take a much longer time than through a planned one. In the process of planning a certain time is required which cannot be abridged, e.g., if you want to build a company and take it to 100 million dollar level, it is not accomplished in a day. It takes several years or decades. But we do see people like Blumenthal, the CEO of Unisys, landing as CEO on top of a 10 billion dollar company almost as if by overnight.  His experience as Secretary to the Treasury in USA  helped him to do it quickly. There are others, though rare who, almost by miracle, shoot up high in the scale. We find at several points LUCK has favoured them. All these are, if not fully, instances where the thought matures more quickly than usual which often, is left unnoticed by the individual himself.

   In the supramental consciousness, thought and will are fused together. In our minds they are separate. When we 'will' a project, we have to acquire the needed knowledge. When the knowledge is there, the will must be acquired. The missing will or knowledge is acquired through practical implementation during long periods. At the end of that experience the knowledge acquired is saturated with the WILL or the will acquired is saturated with the knowledge needed. This is what training gives. When a man of Blumenthal's experience starts a conglomeration of 10 billions without having been in business earlier, his rich Treasury experience helps him to understand the process needed for his creation so fully that the venture quickly completes itself.

   As an intensive training can give rich experience, so practical training over the years too can give it. A high intelligence or subtle perception or earlier experience in another field can also give that knowledge. So, a higher consciousness can give that knowledge. When the knowledge is of all the details and rightly suits the work, the work comes to completion.

   When we set a high target of a billion mark, how can we achieve that and when. When the KNOWLEDGE saturated with the WILL required is acquired by the mind, the target will be touched. It can be anytime, even now.

How do you go about it?  The minimum and maximum conditions are as follows:

-- The very first requisite is the EXHAUSTION of all the present potentials. Doing it

physically, it moves slowly. Doing it spiritually, it moves quickly. Please note at each step -- and there are a million steps -- the physical, vital, mental, spiritual methods are open to us. In practice, we see the physical man opening a new store and going about it in his fashion. An enthusiastic man enthuses all others and accomplishes it quickly. A mental approach is to PLAN ahead and abridge the process. A spiritual method includes all this. A willingness to work hard, a capacity to enthuse everyone, and a developed mind capable of planning, if endowed with the spiritual faith, the faith works miraculously and a store fully developed, ready for use, comes straight to us. For the spiritual faith to work fully, all the earlier endowments must be there in full, in content, not in form. If all is there, one need not go through the process, the result will present itself directly.

-- Having exhausted the potential of one level, one moves to another level. How quickly he can move depends on his willingness to sharpen his faculties and parts of being.

-- If one acquires the highest possible attitude, he straightaway moves to that level.

    Physical attitude is possessive, miserly, taking, narrow etc. Vital attitude is sharing. Mental attitude is to give where it benefits both. Spiritual attitude is to give unconditionally. These are attitudes that can be practised at all levels, in selling a radio set or presenting a national programme to the government.

Human attitude                   versus                   Attitudes appropriate to the spiritual level

I have no status                                               Status has no reality.

It takes time                                                    Only in the plane of Time, it takes time.

We expect                                                       Emptiness expects, fullness doesn't.

We think of the result                                     One loses in the process.

Let me take                                                     Let me give

Business means business and profit                Business is WORK, to be done by the highest standard.

My interest first                                              Others' interest first, better still, work first.

I must show off                                              Work must accomplish.

I must please others                                        The work must be fulfilled.

-- Let us assume that one is willing to work spiritually, acquire all the attitudes appropriate to the work in billion dollar level, acquire the mental knowledge, vital enthusiasm and physical skill needed at that level, what then?

-- Obviously what will be negative to that level of work in opinion, attitude, skill etc. should not be there even in infinitesimal measure.

-- When one makes that endeavour, all the holes in his personality will reveal which should be readily filled in. Even after readily filling them in, the personality may feel daunted by the goal. Then it waits to reach it. If not, it rushes to hit it.

    Instead of starting this 'whole' at that mark, let us try it at whatever level we are now in, in the daily sales, in our inner thoughts and external work. There will be a big jump. At this level it should be perfected. Then it begins to move all by itself if the point of saturation is reached.

   These are all mental methods that have a spiritual flavour and can push a man up.

   Mother's method is to fill ALL the gaps in the work and our personality with Her. SHE does fill all the holes, if invited. Our part is invitation. We do so in an emergency by prayer, analyse what happens in a prayer and how the results come. By prayer we relate to HER, forgetting the work and forgetting ourselves. By forgetting we do not give our energy to our attitudes. This is negative surrender.  Active surrender is to offer our negativity to Mother. This prayer, as we are delinked from our personality, brings in Her Force and fills our being with WHAT is required of the work in us for that moment. The results issue.

            Prayer accomplishes once, when we call.

In one activity, a permanent attitude of this type to Mother, can accomplish always with or without prayer.

Consciousness organised at this level in one area of our work, can fully accomplish in this area without prayer.

            To do so in all Being is yoga.

   Society abridges the knowledge of centuries and offers Man through family and education in short years what he would acquire in long decades. Government of India is trying to play that role with social development, offering the citizen such benefits in a capsule.

   Man can reach the Supramental Consciousness where thought fulfills itself instantaneously. As he needs centuries to do so, that consciousness is offered to Man by a descent. It awaits here all around him. But, man cannot avail of its help even as the citizen is unable to avail of the help present in a developed society himself, unless it comes to him through the family or school or his company. So, Mother has taken a human birth to be with us and draw us towards that Consciousness. Calling Her into us or into our project means we relate our project with the consciousness that fulfills itself. Our own propensities should NOT be present even in a trace. This is a spiritual method. It can even be slightly brought down to a mental level.

   Suppose one plans and moves to 100 million either in fact or in mature thought, examine ALL his attitudes, opinions, skills etc. at this level and compare them with what is required at the mark of his goal. Instead of slowly moving through a mental perception, change all the attitudes etc. at that level to one of spiritual attitudes. You will see a miracle coming to pass. The mark will move towards him.

   To test the validity of this approach, one can take up any pending item now. A customer who plays hard will begin to turn around and chase you if you list down all your attitudes and reverse them as shown earlier. Instead of going after the customer, you work on things inside your company with which that customer is related, and you will see the customer changing.

   The Life Divine is full of truisms meant for yoga. When all those truisms are fully understood and extended to life, these exercises will be less difficult.

story | by Dr. Radut