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The Process of Evolution

  Jan. 27, 2002

  • The process of evolution is the inverse of that of involution.
  • Involution takes place along several lines simultaneously.
  • The process is not linear, successive but simultaneous and multi-dimensional, in fact in infinite dimensions.
  • Let us enumerate them:
  1. Conception-Perception-Sensation
  2. Existence-Consciousness-Bliss-Comprehension
  3. Being-Substance-Truth-Consciousness
  4. Space-Time
  5. Time-Timelessness-Simultaneous integrality of Time-eternity and Timeless-eternity
  6. Infinite-Finite
  7. Atma-Purusha-Ishwara.
  8. Being-Substance-Energy-Force-Form
  9. Self-determination, Self-limitation, Self-absorption
  10. Gross-Subtle-Causal
  •  If all these are simultaneously occurring in involution, they occur simultaneously in the reverse direction in evolution.
  • We see the body growing.

It is life that enables the body to grow.

Life too grows by consciousness. It is mind.

Mental growth is by understanding organisation. It is spirit.

Spirit grows by surrender. It is Supermind.

  • Concentration takes the surface to the inner mind.
  • Concentration is a dwelling on itself.
  • Consecration takes one from the surface to the subliminal via the inner mind.
  • Concentration does not have the power to move man from the surface to the subliminal. Consecration has.
  • Concentration precedes consecration.
  • When concentration spreads to all the parts of being, consecration is possible. Not until then.
  • Evolution begins, or we begin it in the soul in the mind.
  • To start with, one should move into the mental psychic.
  • We now are in the mental thought of sense impressions overpowered by physical consciousness.

- Think of one who runs errands.

- A simple man runs without taking note of the errands.

- He continues to run all his life. He is physical and is incapable of feeling.

- Imagine an emotional person who ONLY feels.

- Whatever the work, he would relate to it by feelings. He would either like it or not. He relates to the person who gives the work, not to the work. He will not be able to know the work or think of it. There is no question of his thinking.

- To the end he will be subordinate, will never come into his own.

- We know the thinker. He thinks of the work. He separates the work from the context. He separates it from the sense impression. He thinks of the work, i.e. coordinates the various aspects of work. He ORGANISES. Organisation is understanding through coordination in the gross plane.

- Moving into the subtle plane, he understands without thinking. He understands in Silence.

- Higher still his understanding is in light.

- Next he dispenses with the medium and directly understands.

- Finally he has knowledge coexisting with Ignorance.

- By expanding his separate personality into a wider one shedding the ego, his intuition is shifted inside from outside.

- In this process he moves from Time of the lower hemisphere to the Timelessness of the spiritual mind range and into the supramental Time Vision of Simultaneous integrality.

  • The thought centre in its ascent rises above the head and what is above the head descends and settles between the brows.
  • Its consummation occurs when the Mind, Heart, and Soul become one vision moving behind the heart.
  • Man's initiative expresses his physical, vital, mental urges. In a reverse process he stops thinking, feeling and releasing a physical urge.
  • What is now a physical urge in unconsciousness becomes Physical Sensation of Delight of existence when one awakens to consciousness.
  • From that Sensation one moves to the original conception.
  • It is a movement of objective intellectuality to subjective integral experience.
  • One who is able to see it in his own life makes the impersonal knowledge of the universe into personal knowledge of life.
  • From that personal knowledge he can move to possess the same as the personal expression of Impersonal knowledge.
  • That reveals the world as a Marvel.
  • It is possible to trace this movement of evolution along all the 24 expressions of the 8 spiritual determinants.
  • They are simultaneous. Moving on one line moves all the others.
  • A token ACT done in this attitude will give a glimpse of the distant Marvel.
  • Finally all acts are token acts.
  • It is done by moving inside to universality, fullness, and power of Spirit.
  • When Mother asks for Truth and warns of the Abyss, SHE means this.
  • This movement walks out of ego, selfishness, smallness, Time, Surface and Mind into the Psychic, Self-living, Infinite, Simultaneous integrality and the subliminal.
  • What is asked of Man is a choice that is a decision.
  • Sri Aurobindo who is the Hour of God offers this to us through the avatarhood of The Mother.

story | by Dr. Radut