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Theory of Strategy


April 21, 1999

1. Consciousness moving to results in the material plane needs an appropriate strategy in each of the intermediate planes of Supermind, mind and life.

2. The movement expresses as principles, power -- power of each plane it travels through.

3. Each plane in bringing about the result in it has its own principles and powers.

4. Principles express as arguments, explanations, and examples.

5. Powers reveal themselves as strategies.

6. Strategies can be positive or negative.

7. Negative strategies use the power to retain the field of action in the present plane.

8. Positive strategies lead to the next plane.

9. Positive strategies can divide into one that achieves the minimum result or that aims at reaching the maximum results.

10. Strategies that stay in 1st Quadrant are ones of unfailing success.

11. Strategies that rise in energies can advance even in the 1st Quadrant.

12. Dividing the 1st Quadrant into many layers, the strategies can move to any layer, depending on its energy level.

13. He who hits on the right strategy at any level can rise to any other level if only he can link himself to the right strategies at all the other intermediate levels.

14. Maturity of thought initially hits upon the right strategy at the existing level. It is pragmatic wisdom.

15. Maturity of theory sees the whole and fashions all strategies at all levels.

16. Theory is of the mental plane, strategy is of the physical substance of that plane.

17. In a crisis such as the one of 1929 or England fighting Germany, a single right strategy can save the whole for the time being.

18. To fashion all the right strategies at any small work is the gateway to crossing the plane we are in. Done rightly and persistently, it can lead to the summit.

19. Theory of Development will be completed in that mind which is capable of fashioning all the strategies required.

20. Strategy is the practical wisdom of the present. Strategy is the principle of pragmatic success -- an unfailing success. Theory is the strategy of the whole; strategy is the theory of the part.

21. To accomplish an ACT, one must know the theory by which the act is governed, the principles by which the act comes into existence, the powers it expresses in the planes of mind, vital and physical.

22. Powers in the mental plane are expressed by logic and rationality as arguments, explanations and examples.

23. Powers in the vital plane are expressed as right human relationship, correspondence between events characterised by harmony and pleasantness.

24. Powers in the physical plane are skills and capacities to handle material facts, their movement and relationships.

Mother speaks of opening, sincerity, pleasantness, harmony, truth, efficient skill, finally perfect perfection. Apply them to any act and that will see it through.

story | by Dr. Radut