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Theory of Creation


September 21,  2001

  • The primary importance of the Theory of Social Evolution is to enlighten man on the possibility of the evolution of Spirit.
  • In both cases, it is to abridge Time.
  • Humanity is not seeking any theory of creation but it is living the process of social evolution as social development unconsciously and egoistically.
  • Mainly it is being hastened by technology.
  • It is a pity that even this prime instrument is used only as an instrument and a theoretical definition of technology is not attempted by the world.
  • Technology is the idea of the mind finding an active expression in matter so that knowledge becomes power, a power that can be used by anyone who does not have that knowledge.
  • That leads us to a definition of an Idea.
  • Idea is the technology of the Mind.
  • Idea is a form of Knowledge that enables knowledge to become power when expressed in life or matter.
  • Knowledge is consciousness organised.
  • Consciousness is the first stage of the Purusha, the Self-Conscious Being discovering Himself in active creation.
  • As we go up to Brahman, so we can go down to Matter not only in knowledge, but in all the 12 aspects of the Spirit.
  • The Life Divine describes the descent as well as the ascent for the Spirit.
  • Social evolution is centred in life guided by mind existing in the material plane.
  • This is a miniature process of creation as well as evolution.
  • To render His steps for Spiritual evolution as a micro unit in society is to achieve the goal of the title.
  • The infinite is in the finite as infinitesimals.
  • The greater the parallel we discover the better.
  • We have to discover it in terms of security of the physical, energy of the vital, organisation of the mind and values of the spiritual.

story | by Dr. Radut