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Theoretical Solution to Practical Problems


July 19, 2002

  • This is meant for those problems for which there is no theoretical solution.
  • By traveling back on the route by which the problem has developed in the light of a theoretical clarity, all problems will reveal their solutions.
  • When Hitler was armed, the solution was to defeat him. Jinnah's obstinacy was met by dividing India. An intransigent spouse accepts divorce. One is a military solution, the other is political; divorce is legal.
  • There was no divorce earlier. Refusing to partition India, there would have a civil war. In the absence of Hitler's defeat, the world would have been under Nazi imperialism and enjoying its consequences.
  • One strategy that reveals late in the day is "Had we known this, the tragedy could have been avoided." The divorced couple on remarrying discover that too late. The world is socialistic now in a great measure. Had the Allies accepted their present attitude to labour and capital in 1917, the USSR need not have gone on with regimentation.
  • Today we have a vast knowledge of the history of every nation. For over 200 hundred years the lessons the world has learnt are enormous. We see politics neutralising the military, trade defusing political heat, culture bringing people together preventing disharmony. The ethnic composition of USA has given us dozens of theoretical understandings of how they blend with each other.
  • Lack of information cannot be a bar any longer. Lack of knowledge is removed to a great extent. More resources are there than the world can use to defuse several spots of heat.  Terrorism goes back NOT to religious fanaticism, not even to poverty, but to the superior attitude of the majority. It is true Southerners who lost the Civil War in the last century are still determined to ill-treat the Negroes. But one cannot miss seeing the fact that liberal education, prosperity, development of social institution have blunted that edge.
  • The world is socially conscious to enact laws where there is incorrigible insistence.
  • Trade and economic development is still a powerful weapon to bring together hostile people. We see that going on illegally across hostile borders.
  • It is not impossible for the UN to cry a halt to war mongering and official training for that and have it enforced through all the resources - military, finance, law, sports - at its disposal.
  • The facts of conflicts, deficit, pestilence, catastrophe, etc. over these centuries are abundantly available. The very reading of them is enough to reach the ROOT cause of each problem. No great serious thinking and research will be called for.
  • Once all the causes are identified, to work out all the solutions is no great job.
  • An examination of the resources will indicate the limit to effective action. That may be fifty percent.
  • If 50,000 people die on the road in USA in a year and a small portion of it in air crashes, it shows much more can be done on the road. We can eliminate death on the road.
  • The world acted with alacrity with respect to pollution in 20 years. The same is not impossible elsewhere.
  • We now wait until problems overtake us. There is nothing wrong in going after their very roots.
  • It will look ridiculous if I say the minimum education level should be raised to graduation. I know it can be a doctorate. In 1935 Baldwin said there was no money for arms. In 1945 plenty was spent after being devastated.
  • A call to Foresight must go out to the world.
  • These solutions arrived at theoretically will all be found to be practical solutions.
  • The world has ten times more resources than are needed to solve her problems. The best is to raise the level of Prosperity through Education.

story | by Dr. Radut