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A Theoretical Explanation of Truth for the Scientist


Sat splits into inner Spirit and outer Truth. Sri Aurobindo calls Spirit the experiencing of the Being - Sat, and more precisely, Self-Conscious Being. Now we have to present this lofty yogic truth to the scientific comprehension. It can be done in two ways. The fact of an object such as a table is sensory impression. The senses perceive the fact. To the mind, sense is dispensable. The mind is capable of conceiving without the aid of the senses. The mind conceives of the ideal form of the table. While the senses perceive the fact, the mind perceives the form. The embodied Being of Man, the human being, has a body, vital, mind and Spirit of which we have described the perception of two parts. Both being parts, their perceptions are partial. What then is total perception? As the mind sees the form, the senses see the fact, the body and Spirit see their versions. The body experiences. The Spirit sees the spirit of the table, the one that is awake in that which sleeps. The four parts together are the embodied being. What the Being perceives is the Truth of that being. The four parts together comprise the existence of the human being.

- The Spiritual Truth is the objective state of the inner subjective Spirit.

- This Spirit is of Existence. It is the object of Existence.

- Truth for the human being is the objective perception of the human existence.

- This Truth being of the whole of the human being, will not hurt the person or the whole of humanity as the whole of the unit will not hurt the whole. Selfishness of one can hurt the selfishness of another. The selflessness of the part cannot hurt the Selflessness of the whole.


  • Mind seeks its complement in its opposite.
  • It understands by thinking.
  • The Higher Mind understands vastly more by silent contemplation. When you don't think, you understand more. Thinking is a bar to comprehension.
  • The essence of comprehension is light and the vision of light.
  • Vision emerges when the understanding is not insisted upon. Understanding is a bar to vision.
  • The Illumined Mind of the Rishi sees the vision.
  • Vision needs the medium of light. The medium itself is a bar to Intuition.
  • The Intuitive Mind of the yogi sees directly, dispensing with all the media - thinking, understanding, light.
  • Thinking is a bar to the Higher Mind, understanding is a bar to the Illumined Mind and any medium is a bar to Intuition.

story | by Dr. Radut