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The Infinite Emerging from the Finite

  • The finite is on the surface; the Infinite is in the subliminal.
  • The Infinite is made finite on the surface by Mind, Time, ego.
  • One emerges out of the Mind by Silence, by refusing to think.
  • The finite expands limitlessly into the Infinite by moving from the gross, physical, material plane to the SUBTLE plane.
  • Without entering the subtle plane, no expansiveness will be there.
  • One has to enter into the subtle plane on all points of Mind, Time and Ego.
  • Mind exercises itself as thought. Silent will goes to the subtle plane. Mind's urge is in the physical. In the subtle plane, urge becomes an impulse.
  • Time is on the surface. Timeless plane is entirely in the subtle. Though Time is in the subtle plane, it is not enough to release the expansion. Not to think of the past or future moves one to the Ever-Present. That intensity is necessary for vast expansion. Usually it is done by the Force acting in an unknown area.
  • What we ask for is in the GROSS mind. What comes of itself is in the subtle plane.
  • Ego is there in the surface as well as inner mind. Only in the subliminal ego is blunted, begins to dissolve, because the subliminal expands into the universe. Ego cannot survive expansiveness.
  • Selfishness is of the ego. Unselfishness is NOT enough to move into the subtle plane. Self-giving is essential. It is spiritual.
  • No attribute of ego -- the thirty items in The Mother -- will permit the real expansiveness we aim at.
  • Silence of the Mind, losing oneself in the Ever-Present, Non-egoistic Self-giving moves one into the subtle plane making expansion possible.
  • It is made possible by EXHAUSTING one's effort in all physical material details.
  • Organising what we do, instead of handling it independently, i.e. changing the personal work into impersonal organisation takes one into the subtle plane. That ORGANISATION is inclusive of all the efforts mentioned above. It includes the other man's point of view, Silent will, maximum effort. To be able to see each level of organisation includes all the previous levels is an effective strategy. To SEE any level includes every other level is the most effective strategy. Rising above strategies is SPIRITUAL EFFICIENCY.

story | by Dr. Radut