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Technology of Money for the Internet


April 27, 2007

  As Money moves from being a thing to transaction, organisation and trust, Man for the same eight hours of work gets paid far more than when he drudged physically.


The dollar is forty times more valuable than the rupee. It means the skill organisation, institution and trust in the US on the Individual is forty times more than that of the Indian. The higher value of the dollar arises from the higher skills of the person, the higher organisation of social life, the higher value of the national institution and the people's trust in them.

In practice, one who is working in India with American efficiency gets paid Rs. 10,000/- while his counterpart is paid $10,000. Man wants Money to come in and not go out. That is his present attitude. It is a selfish attitude. The more you spend, the more you earn is an unselfish attitude. This much must be simple.

Man makes money through a narrow attitude. Money allows itself to be earned by a wider attitude in great measure if he approaches Money from its point of view. Further, there is a social point of view which is far wider. Should Man acquire the social point of view of Money, his present work will give him a thousand or ten thousand times more money.

The first obvious shift is from employment to self-employment. In self-employment, he should work for others, instead of for himself. Man uses his own Money potentials meagrely as he mortgages his property only to the minimum extent.

  • In order for his Money to multiply, he must exhaust all his Money potential in converting it into Money. He should not buy for cash. He must buy only on instalment or through his credit card. He should avail of all the possible insurances. Without exhausting those potentials, his Money will not multiply further.

In doing so, he acts from the point of view of Money, so that Money in general will multiply, not only his. Money is only one power of society. To relate to Money from the social point of view is to solve any problem through Money.

  • The Internet has for each of these items a technology appropriate in developing it for the society. The approaches for the Individual and the Society are different. They must be separately developed.

My ideas of Money are based on right inspirations presenting as impressions mostly, not as precise processes. Suppose I know ALL the official, market, financial, organisational changes that have taken place since 1965, it will be explicit to anyone not only to me. These developments are there in the financial records of any country. It won't be there as a digested pill. E.g. Surely the market acceptance of Hire Purchase is a known fact. From that we know that availability of Money for the consumer multiplied by the combination of organisation and trust. I am sure to an extent it can be quantified.

Suppose a period is taken and its Money value at the beginning and end are noted down, gathering of all social processes that impact on the value of Money either way will explain what has happened if weights are assigned to each process. The law will emerge clearly if not exactly. The law will be exact if the weights can be affixed exactly, which is not impossible.

Alternately, if we can know exactly the developments in the technology of the Internet, web, computer, an extension by analogy to Money will give us most of the processes which we can then apply to the field of Money. Today we know only of some processes such as Hire Purchase, credit card, mortgage, etc.

We have the field of Human Science Wiki, employment, Money, education for the present. The Secret too can be added. This process of technical development having a beneficial effect on content being presented for spreading being clear in one field, will enable us to fully utilise that field apart from extending it to other fields.


All services, works in the world can be fully free and expand thousands of times if the SELFISH attitude can be reversed into selfless attitude. At that time, each man will have a thousand times greater convenience as in the case of email.

The key to seeing this potential lies in the LINK between the computer technology, web technology, content technology and how the form and content merge with each other. At a higher level, Form is Content and Content is Form. In approaching it, we explode into infinity. As Beethoven's symphony has innumerable shades of development, this too has. It is a sophisticated transition which raises the human into the divine. We are now talking in terms of profit, money, gain, etc. It is beyond all these. Each time Mother touches us deeply inside, this happens, but we lose it in half an hour.

We see the results of Cosmic Energy, not the Energy itself (p. 298, The Life Divine). To see the Energy itself is a step towards that vision.  Cosmos explains the seed and the tree; God explains cosmos. We see people coming into a cloth shop and making huge purchases. The purchase and payment is a self-contained process like seed and tree. Looking at them not as mere customers but as members of the society, knowing they have grown daughters and that month is the month of marriages, the purchases are fully explained. Social view fully explains an isolated process.

1) On p. 303 in His hypothesis, He presents intellectually a cosmic process. Meditation on that process can give an INSIGHT into the cosmic process. Applying it to several fields, it will slowly mature. Such processes are touched upon in the following pages.

2) p. 133, the process of Time and Space.

3) p. 313  complete process of creation.

4) p. 314  The missing ‘imperative' which Supermind alone sees.

5) p. 317  How original freedom can prevent the Mind from losing the Unity.

6) p. 325  The processes of Maya, Prakriti, Shakti.

7) p. 344  How the Inconscient energy runs the world.

8) p. 358  The constant secret and fundamental operation of the universe.

9) p. 239  Matter is delight of Being.

10) p. 164  Apprehending consciousness.

11) p. 154  The three Supramental existences.

12) p. 140  The beginning of self-division.

There is a relationship between these 12 passages not in the intellect, but in the insight in the subtle plane. Meditating on one of them will give that opening. Meditating on all of them may give the clue for the link in the causal plane. That is a process of Intuition. Should the intellect lead to insight and intuition, one is on the verge of the Supramental Consciousness.

  • Success here in any measure is a spiritual realisation.
  • Failure here will be ‘success' with the social processes.
  • This too has a personal and impersonal result.

   Personal - Impersonal


When you go to another town and are a guest at a friend's place, it is a personal convenience. Staying at a hotel is impersonal. The hotel offering a general, universal PERSONAL service is Impersonal-Personal organisation. Sometimes it may be better than personal attendance.

The web offers such Impersonal-Personal service to all. It is an Impersonal system made to offer Personal service.

There the casual, mechanical, flat attitude - selfish - turns into particular, interested, live attitude - self-giving - combining the advantages of both the systems.

We see work changing into service which again changes into culture. Technology can deliver goods, it can deliver goods pleasantly. It can also lend itself to personalised cultured service.

In such superior service, we see the one who serves knows our needs more clearly than we do. He has a general attitude of meeting our personal needs which is better than our own attitude to our needs. A clumsy unclean man who keeps his house in a clutter of litters employing a cultured servant who cannot stand any such exhibition sees her offering him  a cleanliness and orderliness he is not capable of as part of her general living.

An auditor who keeps the accounts for a casual person has to make it exact because it has to tally to the last paisa. These aspects are there in social existence.

We know technology lends itself at many points to this arrangement.

An attitude of thoroughness, perfection, precision, exhausting one's efforts, self-giving will get us that version of technology.

Google's approach to ads - pay for the result - is one such.

Google tries to discover how better they can serve the customer.

It is another man's point of view that gives that clue.

In an affectionate joint family, the family conveniences are an impersonal system.

A mother taking pains can make it personal to each child.

Over some generations, it becomes a family culture.

By that time, an organisation would have developed for that.

Marriot has almost evolved such a system.

Room service is one such extension of an impersonal hotel service to personal level.

  • It becomes PERFECT when a personal touch is added to it.

When two aspects that are not contradictions such as Form and Content; Personal and impersonal come together, productivity rises. Two contradictions reconciling thus, the moment becomes creative. Such productivity and creativity are in several planes:

  • Human productivity.
  • Organisational creativity;
  • Social productivity changing into social creativity;
  • Psychological plane.

story | by Dr. Radut