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Superstition, Intellectuality, Intuition


October  25, 2001

  • In the above list of grades, there is one more at both ends, viz. integral experience at the end and incomprehension before superstition.
  • The physical, before the senses developed enjoyed only the touch. Of course, there was a prior stage where touch was not developed. This is the stage of physical existence (No. 9) incapable of comprehension.
  • Integral Experience is that when one becomes the Absolute by becoming the Absolute.
  • When comprehension develops, along with it a sensation develops. The comprehension of sensations is vivid, real, full of life. Its own observations codified into a belief or set of beliefs is superstition.
  • This superstition that existed a few centuries ago views today's rationality with suspicion, disbelief, even ridicule.
  • To consider extensively a dozen superstitious beliefs - the sun goes around the earth, God cursed man with dangerous diseases - from their origin will enable us to have a good parallel for the comprehension of the intellect of things intuitional.
  • Superstition may be assigned to No. 4 and intellectuality to No. 3, while intuition will outstrip our scheme of 1 to 9.
  • The gaps in the superstition are filled in by a mystic faith as comprehension fails there.
  • Intellectuality does not see the gaps in its conviction and shuts a blind eye to it.
  • Superstition hears its own fears as the voice of gods and is led to destruction, as Hitler was egged on to invade Russia.
  • When intellectuality tries to fill in the gaps in its understanding, gradually it develops intuition. Instead, it can turn on intuition and tear it to pieces, little realising all its premises are thus disowned. Einstein, Newton, Socrates will thus be disowned.
  • It is possible to construct a parallel between superstition and rationality and thus our analysis will help us emerge into knowledge.

story | by Dr. Radut