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Summary of Mind, Life and Matter


The indivisible omnipotent, omniscient One, Satchidananda, Parabrahman, Conscious Being, chooses to manifest itself for the delight of self-expression, self-discovery and evolution. Its challenge is to conceal itself from itself, to create a world of finite creatures that lack the self-consciousness and power of their creator. Since it alone exists, it must create a world out of itself.

Maya is the Infinite's power of self-limitation in form, delimitation, measuring itself out. All creation is a self-envisioning, an imaging or imagining by the One of a real idea which it manifests out of its own being and substance within itself. In the higher Maya, all forms are conscious forms of the infinite, one with it both in essence and in consciousness. All delimitation takes place within the context of oneness. Through comprehensive supermind, Conscious Being as subject perceives itself as object within itself and one with it and the Infinite. Through apprehending supermind, Conscious Being as subject perceives itself as object outwardly separate but inwardly one with itself and all and the infinite. Supermind distinguishes and differentiates without division. This is the status of Divine Mind. It possesses the mind's characteristic power of perceiving the whole in terms of many parts and subdividing the parts infinitely. But simultaneously it retains the knowledge of the whole of which the parts of only representations and expressions.

In the lower expression of maya, mind loses the perception of oneness. Conscious Being is divided into an infinite number of parts, of beings, of centers of consciousness, viewpoints. The conscious being identifies itself with each of these separate viewpoints and looks out from each to view the world and itself from a separate vantage. On the surface it has lost awareness and perception of its origin, of oneness, of power. It has limited its consciousness to that of a single surface perspective. It has fallen into Ignorance of the whole and its own true reality.

Conscious being is also force. As mind divides the consciousness into millions of separate viewpoints, it divides the force into millions of separate forces. Force remains one. But that force identifies itself with these millions separate viewpoints and makes them standpoints of force. It seeks to establish, preserve, and grow each separate center of that force.

Force seeking to form and support a center of function acquires a form of force. This force is only divided conscious force. The interaction of forms of force generates sensations-it releases spurts of consciousness that are inherent in the force. Mind perceives the forms of force through these sensations as material substance, Matter.

The identification of the Conscious Being with limited viewpoints, standpoints and forms of itself, the concentration of awareness and force in the separate identity of each form and the seeking to preserve and develop each form as distinct from others is the origin of ego. This expresses as the attraction and repulsion of form to form according to whether the contact enhances or threatens the existence and growth of the form. The essence of ego can be seen even in the attraction and repulsion of the subatomic particles in matter. It becomes the divided, limited/finite, ego living in time in the surface mind. This is the involution.

In the evolution, the contact of form of force with form of force releases sensations and gradually awakes consciousness in each form. As the consciousness force emerges, the form evolves and acquires characteristics appropriate to express the inherent conscious force. It acquires the capacity for response to stimuli, mobility, perception, and adaptation that we see in lower and higher life forms. Eventually the emerging consciousness reaches the stage of mental self-awareness we find in man. In the animal, external contacts generate nervous sensations. In man, the sensations also stimulates conscious thoughts. 

As each higher power evolves out of the lower, it also acts on the lower from which it has emerged. Each ascent is followed by a descent. Life makes matter animate. Mind applies its capacities to observe, understand and organize life and matter. Mind does this from perspective of its own individual viewpoint, standpoint and form, i.e. ego. Therefore, its knowledge is limited to the awareness of the individual viewpoint. Its force is limited to that of an individual standpoint of the infinite Force which meets itself in millions of other infinite forces that express the same Force. It is limited by identification with its specific form of force, a mortal physical body. What we call mind in us is the emergence of conscious sensation and thought on the surface, ignorant of the subconscious and superconscient ranges of awareness that are subliminal to our surface experience.

For mind to acquire true knowledge and power and to discover the true freedom of the infinite, immortal being of delight of which it is an instrument, it has to detach itself from its identification with the body, the limited selfish struggling force of life and the narrow selfish viewpoint of ego in order to discover the Oneness of which it is an expression, which is its own true being. This it can only do by moving from the surface to the depth, from the ego to discover the psychic.


 1. In the second paragraph,

 1. In the second paragraph, the last sentence should read - But simultaneously it retains the knowledge of the whole of which the parts are only representations and expressions - instead of parts of onlyrepresentations and expressions.

2. The fifth paragraph - The interactions of forms of force generates sensations - should be followed by a dash and not a hyphen or a space can be left before and after the hyphen to link the sentences. 

3. The last but one paragraph - Mind does this from perspective of its own individual view point- Mind does this from the perspective of its own individual view point

story | by Dr. Radut