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Subtle Organisation and its Efficiency


November 30, 2001

  • The world has perfected the material organisation of the physical plane and is enjoying its efficiency in all possible ways.
  • Beyond this is the subtle physical organisation. Beyond the physical are the vital and mental organisations and the organisations in their subtle plane.
  • Having perfected the physical material organisation in the gross plane and, we can say, in order to achieve that perfection, Man has reacted all the other planes in some necessary measure. Supramental living belongs to the causal plane.
  • Physical organisation-a production factory.

Subtle physical organisation-the physical skill that needs a sensitivity that is learnt without being taught.

They are the spiritual values of the physical skill.

Vital organisation-trade, army, art galleries, etc.

Subtle vital organisation-capacity to think of the right strategies.

Mental  organisation-educational institutions.

Subtle mental organisation-capacity to locate the points in knowledge that lead to invention or    discovery.

Spiritual organisation-it is subtle at its core.

The spiritual values go beyond the subtle, not necessarily into the causal.

  • Confining ourselves to efficiency and how we can attempt it in the subtle organisation, we must define what it is.
  • A subtle organisation consists of physical skills and their values, subtle capacities, skills, values and the mental knowledge of the work and their values. All these enveloped by a spiritual base is the subtle organism.
  • How to create it?

1. It is based on a perfected physical organisation.

2. All its energies, capacities, skills, values must be entirely subtle, if the organisation is to be subtle.

3. One needs to know the THEORY of every capacity, energy, skill, and value for their first principles.

4. The subtle organisation is born in a spiritual environment, is sustained by it and its efficiency is drawn from there.

  • In all age-old organisations of great efficiency, we see that perfection. He who attains it is qualified to create this subtle organisation when he excels himself. E.g. No letter we send out can afford to contain ONE single error, even if we are replying to a letter of 3 or 4 errors.
  • When I say the work will expand 30 or 50 times, I mean that the physical organisation must be extended into subtle organisation.
  • It will be complete when all the aspects of physical organisation are reproduced in the subtle plane and a whole coherent organisation comes into existence so that the original physical organisation is only the foundation and the central organisation is subtle.
  • A token work will open the work into these subtle possibilities, which will be seen in spurts of sales or abridgment of Time and various other areas.
  • The token work is meant to see all the aspects of the subtle organisation so that one will be able to create it in his mind and then reproduce it physically.
  • When done so, an ordinary school will become a Glenn Doman's school, pre-1979 Chrysler will become post-1979 Chrysler. Perfecting the old organisation itself made this change.
  • The resistance to computer in Canada and USA is total in the population above 40 years. To fully computerise a company is to create that subtle organisation.
  • People resist the computer because they are unwilling to rise to the efficiency it demands. He who has the computer wires around a T.V. or computer in an eye-offending clumsy confusion will not derive even a little benefit of the computer. It is not easy not to be clumsy.
  • Computer demands order, perfection, speed, alertness, interest, and desire for progress. Interest in the computer technology is directly detrimental to its use. Computer is an instrument. Unhealthy technological interest disqualifies one to use it meaningfully. One must be above the instrument he uses.
  • Perfection has many sides. Language is used mainly in academic work. If those who employ language a lot take an abundant caution in keeping the linguistic tool, though it is only one facet, they will go a long way in achieving the GOAL. The goal certainly cannot be achieved without that linguistic perfection.

- Linguistic efficiency demands brevity of language.

- Surely it must be free from grammatical error.

- Coining of new words is the domain of the creative writer. When he creates new words or phrases as Shakespeare did, it will stay in the language.

- Such wonderful expressions come into existence because thousands of clumsy errors are made. If we want to add to the language, we cannot afford to commit such errors.

- I know someone who is past 80 who maintains the physical perfection himself, without a secretary in his paper work. No wonder he has risen to greatness.

  • To do a token work, achieve a high result there, see the aspects of the subtle organisation and choose to create it in our own work is to convert our work into Mother's work in some way.
  • Mother, I used to say, is a subtle organisation. Her organisation is in the causal plane of Supermind. She pervades the Universe. Our calling Her relates us to Her organisation and brings Her Force into our work.
  • As the Force comes into our work temporarily, so it must come permanently. It enters as Energy. With our efforts of upgrading our organisation, SHE can enter us as Force instead of Energy or as Power itself. SHE is capable of presenting Herself directly as RESULTS.
  • The enlightenment of a Buddha or a Rishi is presented to the world as a formula or a book.
  • The vast universal experience of the Spirit and the Absolute Sri Aurobindo realised in his own depths is explained in 2000 pages in two books.
  • Sri Aurobindo was able to reach His disciples better the through The Divine Mother.
  • She has been doing this from the beginning through whatever receptivity She found. So far She has been responding to the call and the atmosphere that call creates. That atmosphere widens when the ego moves away.
  • SHE can just now work best through the mind which is organised according to Her Knowledge.
  • That is, SHE works through the mental consciousness temporarily receptive.
  • Raise your own work organisation first,

- to a subtle mental organisation in your mind.

- Next, make it an ORGANISATION only with whose reference you will work.

  • One who does this much will be first and foremost in his field.
  • Beyond this is the mental substance.
  • In another route lies the vital and physical, each of which has subtle extensions and the base of substance.
  • Mental organisation is created by ideas, vital organisation attitudes, physical shedding habits.
  • Mother exists as a subtle organisation in all these corresponding levels up above.
  • A TOKEN work will directly come into collision with every aspect of ego in all its versions.
  • One who is willing to be non-egoistic, dynamic, selfless, broad-minded and wants to accomplish in life will be benefited by such a token work.
  • A Great Decision.

  Token Work.

  A New life in Mother.

Imperfection in Perfection

  • One moves gradually to perfection.
  • At the last point, one finds perfection is elusive.
  • Imperfection that insists indicates that you are in your own plane.
  • At this point, it is not a little more; it is to move to the next plane.
  • In typing many people achieve perfection. All of them rise from where they are. He who finds perfection elusive retires as a typist.
  • For one who works as an employer or one who undertakes a token project, imperfection is an indication

- An employer who finds his typist is perfect will find his business moving to the next level or if his work resists that, the typist will become a manager.

- A token work that exhibits perfection indicates that his progress will lead him from the token to a full project.

  • Perfection at any level indicates progress.
  • I repeat, one who resists sliding back and attains perfection in the several functions of his work will be endowed with the capacity of continued progress.
  • Here we listed 63 functions. Perfection in one act-of sending letters error-free-ensures the success of TOKEN work.
  • Perfection of all the 63 functions ensures endless progress aiming at the goal of $500 million.
  • The level of perfection and the number of items in which perfection is reached will yield proportionate progress.
  • This is true not only of perfection but of energy, values, etc.
  • Value implementation at all the 120 levels includes all the perfection one can conceive of.
  • HE asked for Perfect Perfection. That is the goal.

The Role of Internet in Subtle Knowledge

  • Subtle knowledge comes from inner subtle senses. It does not need outer experiences, but is confirmed by the outer.
  • The world is moving from below up, from the physical to the mental, from outer to the inner.
  • Computer does many things to facilitate this movement.

- One of them is speed that has reached infinity.

- It brings the unknown from behind the veil to become the known by removing the veil.

- It changes the quality by increasing the quantity.

  • All these are attributes of subtle knowledge from below.
  • He who wants to build a subtle organisations, MUST use the Internet exhaustively.
  • At the point he exhausts the use of Internet for his work or company, he will find the subtle organisation emerging.
  • In fact, integral life is a ‘life of Internet' inside.
  • What man lacks inside, Life gives him outside.
  • The attributes of a subtle organisation are many. The above are only some of them. Others are,

- In a subtle organisation, coordination is instantaneous.

- Time is NOT required for any movement.

- Results are not instantaneous but very quick, as the time needed to complete physical work determines the end result.

- Thought is transmitted in silence subtly.

- Decisions are not the results of interchange, but are self-made, as each self is somewhat a whole.

- It is more in touch with the spiritual, causal planes.

- Mostly the work is of the inner being, not fully in the subliminal or the psychic.

- To exhaust the potentials of the subtle plane opens further opportunities.


 1. It appears that 'Physical

 1. It appears that 'Physical organisation' belongs to the box below it, since the description is about various organisations. And, it could be written with a space on either side of the dash. Physical organisation - A production factory.

2. Similarly with all the hyphens in the box. A dash is more appropriate and not a hyphen. 

3. Under Perfection at any level indicates progress - wherever there are hyphens, they need to be changed into dashes when they link sentences and not words, but error-free will remain hyphenated.


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