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Subjectivity-Objectivity in Mind


January 3, 2002

  • The subjective mind, subjective in the matter of body, by a sustained process of objectivity in three levels becomes intellectuality.
  • Intellectuality is the function of matter in the form of brain.
  • The function can become the instrument itself by again becoming subjective, i.e. intellectuality becomes mind by a process of subjectivity.
  • This Mind is found perched between the Timeless comprehending Supermind and the apprehending Supermind in Time.
  • Mind, therefore, is the subject-object of Being.
  • It has a choice to move down into creation by choosing to follow its status of being the object.
  • By honouring its subjective status, it can go back to being the Conscious Being or even the Absolute.
  • The path has two versions, 1) through consciousness and 2) through Truth.
  • The subject-object Mind becomes the subject entirely when it moves back into the Timeless comprehending Supermind.
  • Comprehending Supermind is the comprehension of the consciousness of its status in Self which is the expression of the plane of Time in its first status of Timelessness.
  • Giving up comprehension, Supermind becomes consciousness and by ceasing to be conscious, it becomes conscious of its Self in its status of Self-conscious Being - Sat Purusha. By exercising its self-determination in the reverse, it is again Absolute.
  • The other path is through Truth, as Supermind is Truth consciousness. Truth, when it became conscious of itself as Truth, was called Supermind Now, losing that consciousness, it becomes Truth again which is the objective status of Existence, Self-Conscious Being, Sat Purusha.
  • To go back to its original status of the Absolute from there is one further step.

What is Reversal of Consciousness?

  • It is the will of creation reversing itself by an effort of knowledge.
  • Will of creation is the will that seeks JOY or Delight.
  • The Infinite, Eternal Absolute seeks a Delight enjoyable only in the movement of manifestation that is a movement of objectivity. The unitary Brahman dividing itself into subjective and objective part and enjoying the OBJECT subjectively is Bliss, Ananda that is static.
  • Creation is a process of moving from Sat to Matter through eight levels inverting its structure in the process and culminating in the Ignorance of the surface being where the reversal necessarily begins.
  • This reversal of Matter into Sat occurs by the surface entering into the subliminal, by knowledge emerging out of Ignorance, by reversing the processes of self-absorption, self-limitation, and self-determination.
  • The sensation here is active Delight, no longer static Bliss.
  • The Absolute has every power of which ONE is to begin the reversal at any stage of creation and the other is to speed up the process of evolution, thus raising its level of JOY.
  • Sri Aurobindo calls that moment the creative moment of creation. To HIM, it is the Hour of God.
  • To recognise the Hour of God is the knowledge of God.
  • To avail of it is the reversal of consciousness.
  • The original will of creation becoming aware of itself at any time and choosing to reverse its course is called in His phraseology Reversal of Consciousness which Mother says is a poetic way of expressing, while there is no reversal anywhere and it is WILL of God all along the line.

story | by Dr. Radut