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Subconscious and Subliminal Conscious


February 04, 2003

  • A work is learnt by the body, say the fingers.
  • The mind in the fingers learning the work is the sub-conscious learning it.
  • The subconscious becoming conscious is yoga.
  • The surface moving and the subliminal acting in the surface is the subliminal becoming conscious of the work.
  • This corresponds to the three statuses of Time.
  • The fingers learning the work is acting in Time.
  • The mind in the fingers is subconscious.
  • For the work to move to the Timelessness, the work, as dhyana goes to Samadhi, moves into the subconscious.
  • The Purusha here is silent, inactive.
  • The inactive Purusha becoming active is for the Purusha to evolve.
  • Evolution of Purusha is Spiritual evolution.
  • The evolving Purusha is the Psychic Being.
  • The Psychic Being in the fingers -- the body -- is the supramental Being.
  • So, the three fold movement is,

1. Fingers doing the work.

2. The subconscious Mind in the fingers doing it.

3. The psychic being in the fingers doing the work.

- The first is in Time.

- The second is in Timelessness.

- The third is in the simultaneous integrality of Time eternity and Timeless eternity.

story | by Dr. Radut