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1)  To mistake one object for another and believe in it.

 2)  Trying to do a thing for which one does not have either the skill or capacity.

 3)  Initiating a work for which some essentials are missing.

 4)  Not to know one's physical endowments.

 5)  Not to know the limits of one's physical endowments.

 6)  Assuming a relation between two things where none exists.

 7)  Ignoring a relation between two things that exist.

 8)  Trying to advise others where one has failed.

 9)  To mistake the general for the particular.

10) To extend the truth of the particular to the general.

11) To mistake the form for the content.

12) Trying to accomplish in the context based on the knowledge of the form.

13) To believe others will do to us what we are not willing to do to others.

14)  In matters of greater importance, expecting secrecy based on lesser relationships.

15)  Expecting the rival to raise you.

16)  Mistaking the organisation for the Ideal.

17)  Expecting human nature to change.

18)  Expecting life to be just.

19)  Expecting gratitude.

20)  Hoping a man will act against his interest out of enlightenment.

21)  Waiting for Luck.

22)  Expecting positive results somehow.

23)  Expecting people to miss an opportunity for enjoyment.

24)  Expecting people to avail of an opportunity that needs exertion.

25)  Expecting loyalty from the subordinate in areas where you have no authority over him.

26)  Expecting values of goodness to prevail over claims of power and money.

27)  Assuming our weakness will not be known to others.

story | by Dr. Radut