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The strengths and weaknesses of Indians


An Indian


will be submissive

he will not be frank

will be fully aware of survival values

will take no risks

will carry out instructions

will not take initiative

will work well in an all man team

will not perform if women are part of the team

will work better in teams than alone

will not be punctual

will carry out orders faithfully

will never be able to offer suggestions

will be aware of the subtle and human atmosphere

will be oblivious of plans and work

will be responsible to the boss

not responsible to work or its schedule

will be good at bargaining

won't reveal his capacities when prices are fixed

whatever he does, in spite of its intermediate stages, will succeed at the end

will come out with no resourceful idea to create a new opportunity

his resourcefulness will be at the maximum if situations are to be saved


will be aware of the invisible potentials of the company and his division


will be good at seeing the correspondences in work


will be a very good subordinate

will not be a good boss



The above are general traits. If specific issues are given, we can suggest solutions


story | by Dr. Radut