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The Strength of the Right


Strength and Right cannot fail. Always in a psychological or social situation there will be a residue. that residue will decide the issue, not the strength or the right of the rest. This will be very clear in an intensely personal situation. The best understanding is possible in the context of an example. Mostly it is a social example. A better example is an example of the psychological context. A personal example is quite telling.

  • People understand a principle through an example.
  • A personal example is better than a social example.
  • An acutely personal incident where one is sorely touched is best.
  • Understanding ranges between the personal, social, psychological and general.
  • This way man moves from mental understanding to emotional understanding.
  • Husband and wife relationship is just a relationship of friends.
  • What one understands in a friend, he will not be able to understand in a wife.
  • Here the man fails against a woman.
  • There are men who are jealous of his wife's lady friends.
  • This is pure jealousy.
  • Next, men are jealous only of the wife's men friends.
  • This is a difficult area.
  • As the social context changes, man gives in, i.e. he gets used to it.
  • Instead of the context doing it, man should inwardly change.
  • In a right context, the husband still prefers his wife to not have men friends.
  • That is his emotions do not understand what his mind understands.
  • For the emotions to understand, it is a big step forward.
  •  Strength of rightness will always succeed to educate the emotions.
  • Imagine in India a husband fully appreciating a good wife who is right to have men friends. He is great.
  • His doing so emotionally qualifies him to great luck.
  • Mother says when the BODY-MIND similarly understands one can do yoga.
  • Consider a husband who knows that his wife is right but is unable to FEEL comfortable when she is friendly with men. What can he do?
  • He feels the right but is emotionally weak. His emotional strength will come not from anything outside, but from his own emotional purity.
  • He will be strong in the measure of his purity. Purity is strength.
  • For us to move from mind to emotion in rightness and strength will achieve all we need.
  • For yoga one needs to take a further step and go to the body, get over the sensitivity of the body in doing the right thing.
  • At every stage of transition the most right is most unbearable.
  • Suppose you understand this fully in principle, start acting at the easiest point of life and push ahead.




story | by Dr. Radut