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Status is Wealth


Dec. 9, 2001

  • Our perception is wealth gives us status.
  • This is true as an outward phenomenon.
  • The inner phenomenon is the reverse. One who has an inner status will certainly have wealth in its proportion.
  • In fact, all wealth comes from inner status but is perceived as the status accorded by wealth from outer work.
  • The dollar is fifty times more valuable than the rupee. This can be said to be and explained as the American values himself fifty times more than the Indian does.
  • The American citizen is fifty times more productive than the Indian is.
  • As a nation, America is fifty times more educated than India and that education results in fifty times greater productivity.
  • We can agree that Man creates money and not money, man.
  • The personal value of man, his individual worth as a person, his own self-esteem and self-respect, his capacity to value himself as a truth speaking man of honour and honesty is certainly fifty times greater than it is for the Indian.
  • Productivity is based on education which is itself based on the value he gives to himself. At the bottom is the Man.
  • In India, man no longer wishes to live on one meal a day and one dhothi. His expectations are rising and he wants education for his children, entertainment for all, good clothes and even demands tours for pleasure.
  • Greater expectations arise when he values himself greater.
  • This is due to democracy, freedom, newspapers, education, etc. but ultimately his own value has risen in his own eyes.
  • The wealth of someone is based on and is proportionate to his own perception of human value.
  • Without going beyond to the Spiritual Individual, we can safely say the present prosperity in India and the boom the USA has witnessed in the past fifty years is in direct proportion to the perception of his own value as a man.

story | by Dr. Radut