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Spiritual Wisdom

  • Man foists his inability on the Absolute.
  • One who experiences a great spiritual truth can deny another's spiritual experience without knowing anything about it.
  • One may know all the parts without knowing the whole. He may even know their sum without essentially knowing it.
  • Any inquiry left off in the middle will return on us with greater force later.
  • Mind knows its own analysis, not what it analyses.
  • Division carried on to the end changes into aggregation.
  • Science is the result of reconciling the vital and the mind.
  • Mind ruling the body is a greater truth than the body ruling the mind. Spirit ruling both is a far greater truth.
  • Mind can conceive of possibilities, can see the actualities, but is unaware of the Supramental imperatives in-between.
  • There is nothing negative. What is not expressed by the positive is negative.
  • Moving to Non-Being without losing hold of Being, one moves into That which includes both - the Absolute Brahman.
  • The universe fulfils itself in the Individual. The Individual fulfils himself in the universe.
  • Life takes the physical sensation to the Mind, changes it into thought and lets that thought dominate the body.
  • The Absolute enjoys a Freedom which includes the freedom to lose it.
  • The Absolute is indeterminable, not in the sense that it cannot determine, but it is not bound by any determination.
  • The evolution of forms leaves gaps which have to be covered by the theory of evolution of consciousness.
  • No man can help another and escape being punished by the beneficiary.
  • The only service man can do is to discover his soul and help others discover theirs.
  • Maya is not illusion, it is Ignorance.
  • Before Love descends, Power should arrive.
  • There is no pain in creation, as it has been created for Delight. It is only for the emerging ego.
  • The answer not available with the intellect is available at its origin, the consciousness.


 1. The emphasized statements

 1. The emphasized statements in italics to keep uniformity.

story | by Dr. Radut