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462. Spiritual Intelligence

In World War II Hitler had more than a thousand bombers while Britain had only a few hundred. The British won the war not on the strength of their army or armaments, but on the strength of their courage, will and determination all of which are Spiritual expressions in the mind and nerves.  Espionage news reached them about the production factories of Hitler.  One piece of information is Hitler produced all the ball bearings for various equipments in one single factory. It struck a resourceful engineer that if that one factory could be destroyed, all Hitler's future productions for the war would come to a standstill.  How to embark on an expedition with so little against so formidable an enemy? The prospects inspired one commander of the Air Force.

The dangerous mission was undertaken with twenty bombers in daylight and the target was destroyed with a loss of one plane.  It was a crucial turning point in the course of the war, We know the story of Ganapathi winning the race against his brother by going round his parents, whereas the brother travelled round the world.  To know the WORLD exists in his own parents is Spiritual Wisdom. The prize Ganapathi got was a mango fruit.  The Mother calls the mango divine wisdom.  To know the one vulnerable spot of the enemy which can totally destroy him is spiritual intelligence that gives protection.  This is a negative asset.  There is a positive side to it which reveals one subtle spot of our life that can raise a man to Himalayan heights.

The biography of any successful man dwells on this aspect of his character.  I offer no example, as it is common knowledge.  One would ask how to know that subtle secret in oneself.  Invocation of spirit makes the impossible possible.  He who makes the invocation as a rule of life will be slowly but steadily ushered into the atmosphere of the Spirit.  As a university of intellectual climate releases one's mental intelligence, a spiritual atmosphere will enable us to acquire Spiritual intelligence.  It is spiritual intelligence that leads us to know and use the subtle spot of opportunity and luck in our life.

story | by Dr. Radut