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Spiritual Energy and Practical Organisation


November  23, 2001

  • India attained freedom in 1947 thus removing the blanket of fear imposed on us by colonial domination.
  • Nehru was the only person who declared that national development is the development of national consciousness.
  • It is a theoretical truth the world of developing agencies all over does not know till this day.
  • Nehru knew the theoretical truth, and India became free, but it has to be translated into a fact of prosperity for the people.
  • Even as a theory, it remains undiscovered.
  • Mother says the light of the Spirit is in the very bodies of Indians.
  • She said that America, as a nation, has excelled in the organisation of practical efficiency, but the bodies of the Westerners are dark.
  • Sri Aurobindo said that the West has discovered the Brahman in matter.
  • To discover Brahman in any plane, the energy of the Brahman must be released in that plane, directed by the will of that plane to become force and organised into power which is received as results through the skill of the recipient.
  • Energy - Force - Power - Results.
  • Energy of different planes is released by different ways. The physical releases the energy when it is moved externally. It can also move itself by an inner movement of interest. That is released by an idea of the BODY. It is best done by the silence of the Spirit in the body.
  • We see the gradation of energy being released by the body.
  • The direction of that energy is by the will. This is a general rule and in the body I have divided it into three stages as in the other two planes also.
  • The energy diagram above will split into nine subdivisions.
  • So also the direction, organisation, Power, skills, results.
  • With each of these items falling into several categories based on its own nature (e.g. skill, capacity, ability, talent) and each one of them having to operate on nine levels, there expands before us an infinite variety of permutations and combinations.
  • The world has developed its spirituality in India until the partial mind realised an aspect of the Brahman in an unconscious condition of Samadhi. Seeing this high development of Spirit needs a solid physical base represented by a united India, Sri Aurobindo says. Nature tried several methods unsuccessfully and finally 800 years ago resorted to foreign invasion which completed the ideal in 1900. Gandhiji's fanaticism which is a mental fad of spirituality, ignoring the strong roots of religious fanaticism, foolishly discarded armed revolution and resorted to Ahimsa, thus splitting the nation again in 1947, a feat achieved by Nature.
  • As India was unripe to develop further, Nature moved to Greece to develop mind, Rome culture, Europe mental inquiry and the USA practical organisation.
  • Reading Indian history from this perspective and world history, one gets His view. It is there in ‘Ideal of Human Unity' and ‘Human Cycle'.
  • It is software that has brought India and the US together.
  • The complete reconciliation of the realised Spirit and formed Organisation can best be achieved at both ends by,

- An Indian who is utterly truthful in his Spirit trying to organise his work on the most efficient lines made possible by the computer, or

- An American who has attained full practical efficiency discovering Mother's Spirit expressing through his own practical efficiency.

- It is easy to see the grades in-between. I take only nine of them.

- The world insisting on uniqueness offers infinite scope of this reconciliation for observation.

  • If Spirit is one end and body another end, the intervening vital and mental enters into the PLAY that is a fray to enrich the expressions.
  • It means one needs to know ALL skills, strategies, opinions, the different combinations as they find expressions.
  • Several experiments can be made all along the line.
  • One experiment that is psychological - linguistic -- is to take all known phenomena of human nature (love, jealousy, opinion, interest, etc.) and write down a linguistically precise definition of the emerging psychological energy in all the nine levels, E.g. opinion is a mental organisation of physical, vital energies in the mind according to the available information directed by the values of mind.
  • One who reads like that sees the energies of freedom from the school, direction of these energies by his interest, organisation of that force by the aim of his life and the results of power according to the skills he brings to bear on that process. The skills are his own, as well as the family environment that compels.
  • The immense value of HUMAN CHOICE emerges in full force in this context.
  • The world with the spearhead of the USA has given expression to its cravings for freedom from the oppressive establishment in the shape of the hippy movement.
  • Again, it powerfully released the nascent energies of the urge for FREEDOM in management given to the world by Tom Peters.
  • Mother was at great pains to give expression to that vibration and it came out as ‘Adventure of Consciousness' in 1968.
  • 1947 to 2001 is before us as a recorded history and Mother has given us Agenda where SHE shows the direction of forces.
  • It is best observed in oneself.
  • The human material around us, especially inside us, is a rich field which He calls life. His dictum is ‘All Life is Yoga.'
  • It is this view that made me enamoured of the computer that has generated the Internet and is serving as a revolutionary field of life. Computer is the technological version of Yoga in Life.
  • He asked us to evolve as supramental Beings.
  • What yoga is to Life, education is to the society.
  • Education is the Yoga of the organised society.
  • The first representative of success in releasing this energy is tension. The unrest of the sixties in India and all over the world is its representation.
  • Reading pours these higher energies from above as a spiritual balm and does its very best in the least obtrusive way.

- Savitri's poetry touches the imagination, engages it and keeps it from straying, as the kids all over the world are lured by magic, because it is a diluted version of Spirituality.

- The Life Divine opens the philosophic mind in us and engages its energies and keeps them from going in the direction of hippies and Tom Peters.

- Synthesis of Yoga as a practical guide invisibly develops the practical organisation in the spiritual atmosphere of one's work.

- Mother's volumes speak these values to the nascent energies of spiritual intelligence.

- The Agenda tells us what SHE did going beyond.

- Their 60 volumes are the microchips of the new world.

- In the shortest space of just 60 volumes, the whole ‘history' of the next 30,000 years comes to us.

  • Abuse is the human face of the Divine Charm. This is what everyone who seeks this field has to adopt as a motto.

Value formation


  • The first value out of work is the value that produces the result which we call by the name skill.
  • The next value is the vital value of relating to persons or things that saves energy. We call it attitude.
  • Now that we can produce the result with a minimum of energy we look for a better method. We call that the process or understanding the process.
  • Doing it silently or patiently is spiritual value. We call it quiet efficiency. The essence of that efficiency is capacity which increases with increasing skill and is capable of charging any particular skill for it to become talent.
  • Capacity to shift the skill from one field to another is ability.
  • In a natural growth of work, these values accrue.
  • Either in training or imitation of another culture, such values are to be acquired by the person himself.

What do we mean by saying the Indians should learn the work-values and the Westerner should discover the spiritual light of the values they have naturally developed?

  • An Indian who is punctual receives the benefit of that punctuality which is its physical result. It is possible for him to know how punctuality originally developed.                                                                               

- Punctuality is necessary for the physical coordination to produce the result.

- To win a person's cooperation by pleasing him, it is necessary he should not wait. This is the vital importance of punctuality.

- Punctuality is a value of organisation. Mind that is an organiser should know that.

- Rhythm is a spiritual value. Punctuality helps rhythm emerge.

- Appreciation of punctuality maximises the value of that plane and enables one to move to the next plane.

- The Indians who borrow the physical organisation of practical efficiency, by acquiring the knowledge of these values and practising them complete the imitation.

  • A Westerner who is practically efficient to whom values are second nature now receives the minimum value, just as a country that imports a product receives its use value only. Producing that product in the country after discovering it gives the nation the sinews of discovery that is scientific and all the profit of production stays in the country.
  • The West that has developed its economy has the efficiency to do it, but is not aware of the theory of their achievement.
  • Theoretical knowledge increases the efficiency many-fold. That is to derive the mental benefit of physical work.
  • We know the value of cleanliness but not why it has a value. The higher consciousness needs a clean place to reside. As darkness absorbs light, dirt absorbs the higher consciousness and is thus lost. Cleanliness allows the higher consciousness to act fully. This is spiritual knowledge. When Westerners know the spiritual significance of each value they have, they will generate the spiritual light of that value.
  • To know the Spiritual value of each value one should know the Spirit. It is the experience of Existence in objectifying.
  • To understand the spiritual significance of each value one has acquired by practical experience, one has to know,

- the process of creation.

- the role of spiritual determinants and their actions.

- each ACT here on earth in terms of the Spirit.

- the strategies that emerge in action.

- the strategies must be known in all four quadrants.

- the combination of such strategies in action.

- the action of such strategies with respect to all other spiritual determinants.

- the expression of each such strategy in all the 8 planes.

- till we meet this process in the unique expression of each aspect knowledge is to be pursued.

- The easiest is to know these in ourselves.

- The personal knowledge must become an impersonal understanding.


  • Whatever the collective will do or when it will do, it does not matter as long as Individuals who are aware of this value can do it in their own lives and secure for their individual lives all the world has so far vainly dreamt of. In the best cases it will be all but perfect, as it is an ideal of a higher plane one attempts in this plane.

- It cannot so easily be acquired as individual benefits, as individuals receiving benefit out of a collective gain, as one who desires a bus service for his village gets it.

- Its value lies in getting them as personal possessions of impersonal values.

- To enjoy a patronage is a personal privilege. To receive that from a general rule that applies to all is to possess it impersonally.

- One can become patient by his own endeavour and it will be a personal possession in spite of the fact that deep inside he may not be patient. Each man is a representative human being which is there deeply in him. To acquire patience there is to possess it impersonally.

- To be patient in provoking circumstances is personal patience. That no one is able to provoke you is to possess the same patience impersonally.

- Accomplishment is the index of implementation. To accomplish one's own work by these values is the accomplishment of spiritualising efficiency or making spirit efficient.

- All technological innovations are the result of man's progress in efficiency. The latest is the computer and Internet.

- To understand the technological evolution of computer as a parallel to human endeavour becoming mental and spiritual will help us appreciate the computer.

- To fully appreciate the computer in any field, particularly in education is spiritual progress. To effectively use computer in education is to do the YOGA of the society in one's own life.

Indian Freedom

  • India is a land of the Spirit and can win her freedom spiritually.
  • The six years Sri Aurobindo was in politics was enough to win freedom in the subtle plane. God spoke it to HIM.
  • National leadership taking to armed revolution would have won freedom then.
  • As the inheritance can be preserved, developed or destroyed in dissipation, the choice is always there. The nation frittered away its spiritual inheritance by resorting to Ahimsa. Its error was brought to the fore in 1946 by the communal riots.
  • Gandhiji was sincere enough to acknowledge his error.
  • This is not unusual or unpardonable. It stems from an illusory evaluation of life, missing its deeper realities

- Man, still today seeks marriage to perpetuate romance.

- Sentimentalism is a ruling power in human life.

- The idea that charity is noble and man can offer service to others is spiritually untrue. It comes from ignoring the strength of human nature.

- Religious leadership all over the world believes that the laity should work and feed them.

- The U. N. is the most renowned international organisation whose democratic roots are preserved by veto.

- There is a widespread belief that Science will advance by believing in the most eminent scientists.

- Kings, in the past, arranged their children to rule after them.

- In India there is a belief that Spirituality is inherited.

  • A progress in the next cycle tends to be exploited using the instruments of inheritance, authority, birth, form, etc. all of which are tools of falsehood.
  • India is destined to be the Guru of the world. It cannot be achieved by falsehood. It needs falsehood to be dissolved.
  • To earn great amounts by righteous methods, to be individually honest in public life, to shed superstition, to appreciate every advance society is making are its pillars of strength.

Spiritual Theory of Education

  • Mother's writings on Psychic Education and Spiritual Education describe what they are.
  • It is not impossible to impart that education to children for those who have imbibed it.
  • The aim of education has always been to render the youth fit for life.
  • In actual practice teaching was beating in the previous centuries. Now teaching aims at learning. An immediate next step will be teaching that aims at living.
  • Learning gives a lot of information, thus making the youth better equipped.
  • About a hundred years ago, professional education emerged and attracted a greater portion of the young as it ensured greater earning.
  • Of course, greater earning makes for greater living. That is material life.
  • Prosperity is fast increasing, so that the idea of money not being a motive or even an incentive is being sporadically considered.
  • Welfare is giving place to well-being.
  • As it is, material prosperity does not ensure well-being. It only ensures welfare.
  • A logically valid theory that is rationally sound can be framed entitled as "Spiritual theory of Education" if it is tested in schools.
  • Its dimensions are many. Its practise calls for a rounded personality in the teachers.
  • Human choice that makes the right decision is its key.
  • In whatever measure this is grasped and practised by the school as a whole, the schools' contribution to the theme of ‘Spiritual Energy and Practical Organisation' will be substantial and essential. The management of the school should rest on those principles.



 1. All emphasized words were

 1. All emphasized words were made uniform - lower case with capital first letter where necessary, bold and italicized.

2. Abbreviations like e.g expnded to 'for example', and where possible, etc. has been changed to 'and so on'.

3.  Seeing this high development of Spirit needs a solid physical base represented by a united India, Sri Aurobindo says. Nature tried several methods unsuccessfully and finally 800 years ago resorted to foreign invasion which completed the ideal in 1900. 

These sentences have to be combined and the period removed after 'says'?

4.It means one needs to know ALL skills, strategies, opinions, the different combinations as they find expressions.

- It means one needs to know all skills, strategies, opinions, and the different combinations as they find expressions.

5. A hyphen has been used for demarcation, and so wherever there are double hyphens, they may have to be made single for uniformity.

6. The statement beginning -Savitri's poetry touches the imagination- may have to be paraphrased at the end, to say 'because magic is a diluted version of spirituality', for otherwise, the interpretation may be that Savitri is a diluted version of spirituality. 

7. Proofing - to lessen the space between the sub heading - Value formation - and the first bullet point.  

8.  Whatever the collective will do or when it will do, it does not matter -  

Whatever the collective will do or when it will do it, does not matter....

9. Man still today seeks marriage to perpetuate romance.  -  Man till today seeks marriage to perpetuate romance?

or, Man, even today, seeks marriage to perpetuate romance?


story | by Dr. Radut