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Social Power Multiplying the Money Power


Oct. 19, 2001

  • Money is a medium of exchange. This is its primary function, but not the only function.
  • The essential value of money is it is an ORGANISATION. It organises the various powers of the society with itself as the centre.
  • The centre of life is MAN and not MONEY, but money has usurped that power and man is a willing tool it its hands which is his own creation.
  • Every new organisation when it comes into existence integrates with every existing organisation in time, but without fail.
  • Money too does so.
  • Money by itself is of value, but the government, having taken upon itself the duty of issuing the money, has integrated itself with money and endowed it with social power.
  • By integration, I mean, money enters a field like education and enables the field to function more freely and efficiently and in that process gives its own stamp to that field which may often mean that field can no longer function without money.
  • Integration with any field or organisation makes the newly born organisation more powerful which is true of money too.
  • Money has been inextricably integrated with every existing organisation such as family, community, education, army, government, transport and communication, sports, tourism, banking, trade, etc.
  • As a result money is now many times more powerful than when it was born as a medium of exchange, which means the quantity of money has increased since its creation as well as its power of utility has enormously increased.
  • Money moves. Its movement energises it or we can say money integrates with Time. The faster the money moves, the more it grows in its MONEY VALUE.
  • As the money moves, it multiplies, i.e. it earns more money.
  • A lakh of rupees in the closet or bank will remain so forever.
  • When it goes out and travels for a month it returns with a little more than a lakh as interest accrues.
  • When it passes through 3 or 4 hands or 30 or 40 hands each person through the trade it generates earns a little for himself.
  • The faster it moves, the more it grows. The more hands through which the money passes, the greater it earns for itself.
  • Products of low value earn low profits. Higher products earn more. Physical service earns less. Professional service earns more.
  • The value of money rises or increases with its speed of movement, the cost of products, the quality of service.
  • The increasing value of money is more easily seen in trade than in other places. But its value rises without fail through every single transaction.
  • So, the level of consciousness through which money passes decides its increasing value.
  • Man created money, but mentally he is a slave to it.
  • One who does not value a thing, here money, can possess it while he who values money is possessed by it.
  • The highest medium through which money can pass for the highest growth is the consciousness of man who is not possessed by money.
  • People are slaves of money by their upbringing or by a mental choice in which case their consciousness itself is possessed by money.
  • The outflow of money naturally decides the inflow.
  • The Greater is the outflow, the greater is the inflow, i.e. the income.
  • One who is not possessed by money freely spending the money fast through the highest medium existing is one who will multiply his money fastest.
  • The highest consciousness man knows in Mother's consciousness.
  • The question is how to integrate money with Her consciousness.
  • A consciousness expresses itself through its values, its own strategies, its own skills and capacities and NOT through other values, other skills and other strategies or capacities.
  • This means all that is inimical or outside Her consciousness must be given up in toto. To remove them is the first step.
  • Mother's values, skills, and capacities are those of the Spiritual determinants.
  • We act all the time. Any act is done by values and skills.
  • One who expresses his consciousness in any act through the values, skills, etc. of Mother's consciousness is in Her consciousness.
  • Should he earn money, money integrates with Her consciousness.
  • The token act I speak of is any act we choose, not necessarily a special act. The choice is necessary as it is not possible for us to convert our whole consciousness into Hers, but a part, isolated from life, can serve that purpose more readily or more easily.
  • Money earned in this token act is money integrated with Mother's consciousness which can multiply infinitely.
  • Again as Man is the centre and not money, his own view determines the result. When he emphasises the result, he gets the result and misses the process. He must learn the process.
  • In fact, it is not the process but the essentiality of the process - the Absolute - that matters. If one can go there it is good, but it is obvious he cannot go to the result disregarding the process.
  • The token act in Her consciousness is one that can occupy the whole life of a person. It will be right that from the token act, one should change his whole life to Her consciousness.
  • The token act will enable him see Her in the act.


4-tool it its hands -tool at

4-tool it its hands -tool at its hands

23-When it passes through 3 or 4 hands or 30 or 40 hands each person through the trade it generates earns a little for himself-not able to understand the meaning of this sentence

42-knows in-knows is

story | by Dr. Radut