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Social Opportunities


May 10, 2001

  • By opportunity, it is generally meant social freedom for one to exercise his ingenuity for innovation, as the adventurers, world travellers, explorers, discoverers and scientists did.
  • That is the best sense of the phrase, especially when we know that social conditions once existed that prevented many original thinkers from expressing their views publicly.
  • Here I take this phrase to have a limited scope of seeking for what the society has already achieved for a good part of its population.
  • For example, backward Asia has all the technology it needs.
  • In any nation, about 50% of the population does not heed the vast opportunities for individual social progress.
  • This part of the population may be split into two halves: 1) that which does NOT want this progress or care for it, and 2) the other part which has been unsuccessfully striving for it.
  • I am concerned with the latter half of the population.
  • I would primarily point out the FACT of limitation of mental prejudgement or prejudice that each man limits the scope of the maximum he can spire for. There is no such limit except in our own minds.
  • Secondly, when man endeavours having set a limit for his aspiration, his capacity to limit his scope is extended to his capacity to achieve.
  • Please NOTE that one who starts with a limitation goes on applying that limitation to his scope, his methods, his energy, his attitude, his environment ad infinitum, making his adventure one of narrowing scope!
  • That inhibition has to go at all levels.
  • The reverse attitude will land a person at the top of the society when he will invoke his wisdom against ambition!
  • My theme is,

- Whatever the results are, man should aspire for his best, not one hairbreadth less.

- The world is replete with successful and unsuccessful men of these categories who are all ambitious.

- Well, if others are ambitious, we can aspire for it.

- Whoever aspires for whichever portion now - in 2001 - will achieve more than he tries for, as the Force is there in the atmosphere.

  • I would like to divide the scope for aspiration as follows:

1. Within the existing social, psychological, personal, and mental environment where NO adventure is called for. An officer aspiring for quick promotion by honest hard work, hurts no way.

2. The next is the employee seeking self-employment which calls for risking his present job.

3. The next is personal progress by which I mean, a successful bank employee or an auditor who finds himself better fitted for another occupation like consultancy. Here the risk is great.

4. By mental I mean the capacity to court different mental abilities.

5. Psychological is next only to yoga.

6. At a higher level of psychological effort lies the field of those who endeavour to solve world problems for the sheer joy of it.

If yoga can be put at level 100, the above six will be at the bottom six. Yoga works inside of man on inner mental, vital forces that are of universal dimensions. All the above is OUTER work where man exercises his educational and social efficiency along the lines of his choice. All the six can be classified as six subdivision of one level. If the men working in the above fields are devotees, Mother simply fulfils quickly, as a pedestrian is given a lift in the car. Whether he works at the bottom or at the top, it is his self-conception.

Mother fulfils what MAN chooses.

story | by Dr. Radut