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Sincerity in the Substance


Gorbachev played an important role in ending the Cold War and the reduction in the nuclear threat. It is the power of his sincerity that made both the Americans and his own Politburo respond. This is the power of sincerity in the consciousness. This is not enough to fully eradicate the nuclear weapons. Nor can it be done by any government, since government represents a small part of the society. It can be done by a corresponding sincerity in the substance, which means at the level in which the Inconscient acts to express the Divine intention from the behind the scenes. The Jews have been a main instrument of this inconscient action directing the progress of humanity over centuries. Therefore, if one or more representatives of this community can acquire sincerity at that deeper level, it will carry power with Gorbchev or directly act in the world.

story | by Dr. Radut